Tua Tagovailoa on trade talk: Can’t control things I can’t control

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Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson‘s trade request could lead to him landing with another team this offseason and the fallout from that move will impact a lot of other players.

If the Dolphins are the team to make a move for Watson, Tua Tagovailoa will be one of those players. The 2020 first-round pick would likely be part of a package going back to Houston or traded to another team if Miami lands Watson, which led to questions about the future during Tagovailoa’s Monday visit to The Dan Patrick Show.

Tagovailoa said he has no control over trades when asked about his response to the chatter and Patrick followed up by asking if buying a Dolphins jersey with Tagovailoa’s name and number would be a good decision.

“Honestly, I’m not too sure. Like I said, I can’t control things that I can’t control. What I can do is continue to work hard,” Tagovailoa said.

Tagovailoa said his work to make sure his hip is as healthy as possible is a “continuing process” more than a year after injuring it. The coming weeks will let us know where that process will continue to play out.

42 responses to “Tua Tagovailoa on trade talk: Can’t control things I can’t control

  1. If his hip doesn’t fully recover then the phins screwed up and should fire their team doc. That said, I still wouldn’t give up all my draft picks on a guy that signed an extension and cashed a 27mm bonus 4 months ago and now is crying to get out.

  2. Maybe I’m missing something? But, when was the last time a huge trade went down, and the team giving up all the draft capital/players came out on top in actual wins and losses? I know Eli Manning won a couple Super Bowls, but was Eli Manning the catalyst in those wins?

  3. Tua is NEVER going to Texans, makes no sense. I see 2 possible scenarios – Watson stays in TX or, he goes to JAX

    Any other scenario risks completely alienating the fan base and current roster.

    You can sell Clemson’s Trevor Wilson & 1st round picks….not Tua.

  4. This guy’s career will last as long as JaMarcus Russell’s did as well. So the Rams screwed up trading 1st round picks? I would rather have a 33 year Stafford than some potential bust like Tua. The Dolphins should cut this guy loose now…I am not sure what the fascination was but overhyped college players like Tua never seem to live up to their NFL Expectations.

  5. Bama will need to continue to lean on Namath and Stabler for their NFL QB legacy. Tua ain’t it.

  6. There’s a certain symmetry if the Texans trade Watson to the Dolphins for the picks they sent the Dolphins for the left tackle to protect Watson.

    Tua would be collateral damage. For anyone traded to the Texans, the rest of the league is glad it’s not them that has to go to that dumpster fire.

  7. Don’t do it Miami. Many great QB’s stunk up the first year (Payton Manning, Brees). Give Tua one more year.

  8. If Tua gets traded to the Texans he better hope and pray they use one of the first round picks the dolphins would (hopefully) give up to grab Devonta Smith.

  9. I pray this doesn’t happen. Tua is a great kid… the last thing he deserves is to get involved in that mess in Houston.

  10. If anyone it will be Darnold and the Jets… Tagovailoa doesn’t have much trade value. A handful of games where he was benched for the backup doesn’t make him look very promising. Darnold on the other hand has shown some skill when he has help around him.

  11. He played better vs. the Chiefs than Lamar Jackson has.. they should have drafted Herbert but how can you not give Tua running room now?? His numbers were plenty good enough for 95% of rookie QBs

  12. People knocking Tua are making a huge mistake. Not only is he a great team mate with a great attitude he also works his butt off to get better. Even though he didn’t put up the personal stats Watson did he did put up one stat that Watson couldn’t match this year. The more important stat.. wins.

  13. Have to feel sorry for Tua. He’s a young guy starting out in his career, hasn’t done anything wrong, and now finds himself subject to trade rumours. That said, I’ve been waiting for 20+ years for the Dolphins to be a top team so if Watson can be had for reasonable compensation then let’s do it.

  14. Who is the only QB in NFL history to win a road playoff game then get traded 2 weeks later? Jared Goff. If someone wants to throw a 3rd rounder at Miami for Tua, go for it. But these hot shot coaches suddenly trading away the guys they wanted sure reeks of desperation.

  15. Good grief he just finished his rookie season. Give him time to develop or you’ll continue down the QB carousal. Give him a chance.

  16. It’s never a good thing when in response to the question – should your fans buy your Miami Dolphins jersey this year and your response is “I dunno”.

    That being said, I think Tua needs to be given more time to develop. He didn’t get a full offseason/preseason and he’s still learning the offense. (Of course, it doesn’t help how many OCs Miami has had).

  17. Watson will be very hard to move at his salary. Good QB, but no team can afford $40 mil a year and still field a complete team, can they?

  18. That interview was the worse interview Dan Patrick has ever had. It was like nails on a chalk board.

  19. jsm08 says:
    February 1, 2021 at 1:35 pm
    If his hip doesn’t fully recover then the phins screwed up and should fire their team doc.

    No you fired the general manager who actually made the pic!

  20. I would rather draft a QB with the number 3 pick and let Tua compete with him in camp.

    Giving up the farm for Watson doesnt make sense the team has too many other holes to fill

  21. Trade Tua? All I hear is blibbety blabbety blah blah blah. Condemn the guy after 9 games? Only to have another team find value in him, & he becomes a solid QB, if not a star. My my my, instant gratification is the order of the day. We haven’t learned a (Tannehill) thing, have we? Unbelieveable.

  22. Doesn’t make sense for miami to trade for Watson. Tua was good in his rookie year minus that last game. Build around him give him better weapons he needs it. Plus they’d likely be giving the Texans their pick back if they make the trade. Makes no sense. I see the Jets or Panthers getting him.

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