Tyreek Hill on Scotty Miller saying he’s faster: Maybe we do something at halftime

Kansas City Chiefs v Miami Dolphins
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Chiefs wide receiver Tyreek Hill‘s first meeting with the media of Super Bowl week included a question about Buccaneers wide receiver Scotty Miller.

Miller said last week that he thinks he would win a footrace with Hill, who has been seen as one of the fastest players in the league since joining the Chiefs in 2016. Hill was asked about his thoughts on Miller’s opinion on Monday.

Hill said he thinks Miller answered the question the right way because he should be “that confident in myself that I’m faster than Tyreek.” Hill demurred when asked if he’d show the same confidence about how a race would turn out, but said he’d be willing to add a little more competition to Sunday’s festivities.

“Maybe we can do something during halftime,” Hill said.

That seems like an unlikely time for a race to happen, but the offseason could present an opportunity for the two players to put their speed to the test.

16 responses to “Tyreek Hill on Scotty Miller saying he’s faster: Maybe we do something at halftime

  1. It would be fun to watch. My money is on the Cheetah. One thing is for sure, it won’t happen at half-time of the Super Bowl.

  2. That’s actually a GREAT idea. A 40-yard dash sponsored by Coke or Pepsi with a $100k prize towards a charity of the winner’s choice. Do it!

  3. A halftime 100 yd dash between two opposing wideouts would be infinitely more entertaining then any pop band or top 40 singer lip synching their ghostwritten song

    Wish the NFL would think outside the box and of the fans for once

  4. Tyreek has a gear that most men don’t. Guy is truly electric. Money is on him. Let’s get the lines and books open.

  5. Maybe Arians could agree that the winner of the race gets the ball at halftime, no matter the coin flip… Let’s see where his faith lies…

  6. Jaylen Waddle from Alabama is faster than either other of them. Waddle’s time in the 40 is 4.27.

  7. Don’t they have a gizmo that measures their speed on the field? I seem to remember seeing that shown somewhere …

  8. I’ve never seen anyone quicker of faster than Cheetah with the gear on – it’s simply amazing to watch.

  9. I have seen a few comments about this I think some people don’t know how fast Miller is. Be fun to watch.

  10. Sherlock says:
    February 1, 2021 at 5:13 pm
    Love Hill. No bulletin board material, how can you not like this guy?

    So did you forget all about Hill repeatedly punching his pregnant girlfriend’s stomach and choking her in an attempt to miscarriage or when he broke his 3 year old’s arm while beating him?

  11. Correctingerrors you aren’t very good at this. Hill was cleared by the PD and the county da of child abuse. He did punch his g/f while in college but he paid the price for that did his punishment did his classes so what else would you like to continue to get wrong? After a person does a crime and pays his price to society are we to continue to punish them?

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