Andy Reid confident despite two Chiefs going on COVID-19 reserve

AFC Championship - Buffalo Bills v Kansas City Chiefs
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The Chiefs placed receiver Demarcus Robinson and center Daniel Kilgore on the COVID-19 reserve list yesterday, and shortly after that was announced, coach Andy Reid expressed confidence that his team is not at risk of an outbreak.

The two players tested negative but were placed on the list because they had close contacts with someone who tested positive. Reid noted that the policy isolating players if they’ve had contact with someone who has the virus is designed to exercise caution.

“These guys were being as safe as they could be,” Reid said. “We’ll just see how it goes. But the league has built-in rules and regulations, so we follow those, and it’ll all work out. It’ll all work out for them when it’s all said and done.”

The NFL’s COVID-19 protocols have been successful enough that we’ve made it to Super Bowl week without a single game having to be canceled, and now the league needs teams to strictly follow the protocols for six more days.

4 responses to “Andy Reid confident despite two Chiefs going on COVID-19 reserve

  1. Really, hats off to the league and the vast majority of players for following Covid protocols during the season.

  2. If both players test negative Friday, they will fly with the team and probably play in the SB, making this a non-story.

  3. The contact was from getting a haircut. How hard is it to cut your own hair with a Super Bowl on the line, fellas?

  4. He is confident because they will magically cleared for the game. Maybe it’s coincidence but for some teams key players go on the list and recover/retest fine. While others like Denver get killed by it. I’m sure they will play.

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