Dolphins promote two assistants to co-offensive coordinators

Los Angeles Chargers v Miami Dolphins
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The Dolphins’ long offensive coordinator search has resulted in two assistants getting promoted to share the job.

Dolphins head coach Brian Flores has promoted running backs coach Eric Studesville and quarterbacks coach George Godsey to the titles of co-offensive coordinators, according to multiple reports.

There’s no word yet on which one of them will call the plays.

The most important job for the co-offensive coordinators will be developing an offense around Tua Tagovailoa, the 2020 first-round pick who had a so-so year as a rookie quarterback. The Dolphins have made clear that they believe in Tagovailoa as their franchise quarterback of the future, and now we’ll see if there’s an offense in Miami that Tagovailoa can thrive in.

16 responses to “Dolphins promote two assistants to co-offensive coordinators

  1. So will one call out the formation and the other will call out the play? Will they take turns switching every week?

  2. Disaster!!! This is a ridiculous decision. Either one or the other.
    Shows lack of leadership IMO

  3. Wow! I’m a Coach Flo fan but this move is a disappointment. I don’t think that it’s going to work. So much for making Tua better when he’s not gonna be sure who to listen too.

  4. This is right out of the Patriots playbook. Flo was not an OC or DC in New England, there are many layers of coaching on that staff. Might work let’s see.

  5. I hope your correct, and the Dolphins concentrate on designing an offense that fits Tua’s strengths. Need to stop the rumors around QB trades and focus on the 2021 season with Tua.

  6. I’m good with this. Both coaches are excellent. If you give one the job the other one walks. It’s really a smart move by Flores. He can expect a lot more now that there’s two of them. Frees up more time for him.

  7. Having some consistency at Offensive Coordinator might help a young Quarterback, but we hire an OC 3 years into retirement for a year and now this. After the year is over, Coach can blame not 1, but 2 Offensive Coordinators.

  8. Flores doesn’t give a damn what anybody else thinks. If he thinks it wins games he does it — starter and relief qbs, two OCs, whatever.

    So far he is doing a good job so I expect this will turn out ok too.

  9. This obviously reminds me of when Michael and Jim became co managers. This will work out better thoough. In Flo WE TRUST!

  10. One issue I can see that’s a possible negative with a 2 headed OC configuration and that is, the speed of play calling and relying it to the QB on game day. If the decision tree requires a 3 person quorum (adding in the HC) the delta could mean lots of delay of game or time out issues.

    It will require a very strict selection protocol in order to keep the decision and call time to a minimum.

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