Jalen Hurts doing what he needs to do to “take off” in 2021

New Orleans Saints v Philadelphia Eagles
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Carson Wentz started 12 games in 2020. Jalen Hurts started the final four.

So who starts the season opener for the Eagles in 2021?

Hurts had a diplomatic answer when asked that question Tuesday.

“That’s a great question; that’s a great question,” Hurts told CBS Sports HQ, via Reuben Frank of NBC Sports Philadelphia. “I’ll tell you that I’m putting the work in on my end, trying to build those relationships with my guys. I’m excited for this offseason, just excited to take that next step, so regardless of what’s what, I’m challenging myself to be the best quarterback I can be. Learn from my mistakes as a team, learn from my mistakes from last year personally [in] those four games that I got my opportunity to get my feet wet in and take off next year.”

The Eagles may not even know who their starting quarterback will be in 2021. Hurts, though, likely is in the conversation and in the competition.

For now, all Hurts can control is getting better this offseason.

“One thing that I do – and I always have done – is just try to keep the right mentality,” Hurts said. “I control what I can. I’ve always been that way, and I always will be that way. So the main thing I can control is my work ethic, my effort, where my head’s at, the relationships I have with those around me and just building. Building as a man, building as a player, always being rooted in my faith.”

17 responses to “Jalen Hurts doing what he needs to do to “take off” in 2021

  1. This kid gets it. He will be the last one standing in Philly.

    Eagles need to get what they can for Wentz now before his value plummets further.

  2. Colts will send their next 30 years worth of 7th round picks to Philly for Wentz and his contract, like a mortgage payment.

  3. He has all the ability of Donovan McNabb, plus the leadership qualities, game sense and intelligence McNabb lacked. A lot of folks seem to want to count him out but I wouldn’t bet my own money against him.

  4. supercharger says:
    February 2, 2021 at 7:49 pm
    Colts will send their next 30 years worth of 7th round picks to Philly for Wentz and his contract, like a mortgage payment.


  5. As an Eagles fan, I want a true honest competition and may the best man win. We have a new O coming in this year with Sirianni and Steichen, and they deserve the chance to use the best performer.

  6. It will be interesting what happens when both Wentz and Hurts have a off-season throw around with the recievers on the same weekend.

  7. He’s already come a long way, so I know he’s been working. Any young QB needs a lot of reps, but unless they’re a high draft pick, many never get an opportunity. I can see he’s come a long way since I saw him in college. College and pro QB is almost like playing two completely different sports, but he’s picking it up. He seems to have a good attitude, even going back to college when they replaced him and he had to transfer. He was still a great teammate.

  8. Love the outside media coverage on this. No controversy here. Everyone in Philly knows its Hurts’ team here on out. Wentz won’t even appear publicly. There is a mutual agreement to ship him out between him and Howie. We all know it it.

  9. He will be taking off… Every play, in fact, while Carson plays and reminds everyone what kind of a quarterback he’s been in Philly.

  10. I think whether you’re a Wentz guy, a Hurts guy, or just an Eagles fan…
    It’s fair to say we ALL gotta be extremely disappointed in the Leadership Wentz has displayed throughout all this. I just don’t understand it… Grow up dude.
    Go Birds.

  11. Nobody is questioning Wentz’ ability, more his attitude and mental fragility.

    If only he had some of what Hurts has, the Eagles would be fine.

    The more I listen to Hurts, the more it makes you wanna root for him, he seems like a good kid, if his game can develop, he could be real good.

  12. Wentz is so broken that I can’t imagine him resurrecting a career on the Eagles. He needs a completely fresh start. Hurts is loaded with potential and can grow with the new staff.

  13. Hurts has all the intangibles you’d look for in a QB. The question is how many of the necessary QB tangibles – reading defenses, throwing accurately, extending plays to pass on the fly and not just running, etc. – he has or can develop to become (maybe) a top-10 QB in the league. Because doing that is what is needed to get his team to the playoffs, and beyond that, to become again a serious contender. Based on Hurts’ 3 3/4 game audition last season, he has a long way to go.

    Despite the horrible year Wentz had last season, he has shown much more upside on the tangibles than has Hurts (so far), though it is a legitimate question as to whether his injuries have degraded his (former?) skills. Wentz’s intangibles are by all appearances not so much, and that is Hurts’ main advantage over Wentz. The question is whether Wentz can humble himself and work on his intangibles (and regain his earlier form on tangibles) to become a better QB. AO1, his audience of one mantra, should not refer to Wentz himself lol.

    Ideally you would combine Hurts’ intangibles with Wentz’s former/potential tangibles, and then you’d have a top 10, tier 2 bordering on tier 1, QB. Realistically, that’s probably not happening with either of these guys. Puts the Eagles in a tough spot. The real QB of the future may be neither of them.

    One thing is for certain. Unless one of these guys is traded, next year’s QB competition is going to be drama central in PHL. Whoever wins it is still going to have a tough go next year, especially with a new, young, unproven coaching staff. It will be at least 2-3 years until the Eagles are playoff-relevant again.

  14. If Howie dumped Pederson cause he disagreed on Wentz’s value to the team, what makes people think Hurts will get a chance in 2022? Is it because Wentz is injury-prone?

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