Kyler Murray: Shoulder injury happened against the Dolphins

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It appeared that Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray first injured his shoulder/arm against the Seahawks in Week 11. Murray says that the injury first occurred two games earlier.

“It happened against the Dolphins,” Murray said during an appearance on PFT Live. “I don’t know if you saw, I ran into a dude like third and long, one of the downs, whatever, that started it off. Then the Seahawks game I landed on it first drive. That’s kind of when it really started. . . . I couldn’t really — I wanted to stay in the game for my guys against the Seahawks. I wasn’t running around as much taking hits. I think that affected it. After that game I was fine. Obviously, had to play through it a little bit. But uou take hits here and there and you keep playing, and it was fine. I was good throughout the year. I don’t think it affected me as much as people think it did.”

Murray fought through it, managing to start all 16 games. And the shoulder injury did nothing to keep him from uncorking in Week 10 a throw for the ages, a game-winning Hail Mary against the Bills.

3 responses to “Kyler Murray: Shoulder injury happened against the Dolphins

  1. lol. The Kyler haters are not very bright but they are consistent.

    (Inevitable outcome for running quarterbacks.)
    Right, because pocket passers don’t get hurt do they? Look at just Garoppolo in the NFC west in the 4 years he has been with the Niners he has played 30 out of a possible 64 games. there are a number of pocket passers in the league who have missed games the last 2 years while Kyler hasn’t.

    (His career will be done by year 5)
    The closest QB in the league in size and playing style to Kyler is Wilson. Wilson is 7/8 inch taller, Kyler packed on a lot of muscle in year 2 so they are the same weight or Kyler is heavier. Wilson has been in the league 10 years and still going strong and he takes a lot more contact hits running than Kyler. QBs like Cam who act like RB don’t last but smart QBs like Kyler who pick up the yards and slide will have no problem going 15 years.

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