Le’Veon Bell: I came here to get to this game

Kansas City Chiefs v New Orleans Saints
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Le'Veon Bell went from one of the worst teams in football to one of the best in 2020.

When the Jets released him in October, they were 0-5 and on the way to an 0-13 start and a 2-14 finish. As a free agent, Bell had a choice between the Dolphins, Bills, and Chiefs but decided to prioritize winning over playing time. The running back said Tuesday that he was just so frustrated with all the losing he’d been a part of in New York.

“I didn’t really care how my production would look,” Bell said.

So he decided to sign with Kansas City, and it’s worked out just as he intended. He recorded 254 yards rushing and 99 yards receiving in nine regular-season games — his most significant production coming against the Saints once Clyde Edwards-Helaire was injured in Week 15. He said he likes being a part of a rotation at running back, believing it’ll help elongate his career.

But what he enjoys the most is having the opportunity to play on the biggest stage for the first time.

“I came here to get to this game, and I’m here. So I look at it like I came to the right spot,” Bell said. “I’m just happy where I’m at and I’m happy with the way the season’s went. We just have to cap it off with a Super Bowl win.”

10 responses to “Le’Veon Bell: I came here to get to this game

  1. 254 yards rushing in 9 games and he’s happy. After being the bell-cow and considered one of the best backs in the league for a couple of years in Pittsburgh. Hard to believe how much production has fallen off for Bell and Antonio Brown since leaving Pittsburgh, and now one of them is guaranteed a Super Bowl Ring.

  2. Everyone spending so much time recently taking shots at the leadership skills of Deshaun Watson and Matthew Stafford should be focusing on Bell and AB. Those are the guys who deserve it, yet here they are riding coattails into Super Bowl Sunday.

  3. If he gets more than 5 carries it’ll be the reason they lose! I’ve seem molasses hit the hole faster!

  4. So let me see if I got this right. Bell holds out a year to max out his pay, goes to the highest bidder who was one of the worst teams in thew league only to get tired of losing and now it is only about winning. Kind of came full circle huh! I will offer this , why didn’t you just stay in Pittsburgh where you were winning and getting lots of $$$$ . I remember all the stories on this back then, some even said that this could be the new model for star payers, but just like so many of them you have to wait until the story ends to tell it. What if TB wins , then what does he do? Tune into see

  5. Thanks for checking in; I appreciate the update. How about you make a freakin’ play and make the Kingdom happy?

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