Le’Veon Bell on Patrick Mahomes: He might be the greatest player ever

New York Jets v Kansas City Chiefs
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Le'Veon Bell has only been with the Chiefs for a few months. But it didn’t take him long to learn all he needed to about Patrick Mahomes as a quarterback.

Bell had never played against Mahomes before he signed with Kansas City midseason. But he had been impressed with the QB from afar.

“I’ve always watched him. I always thought he was a great player. Then I came here and then when I came here, that’s when it really hit me, like oh, he might be the greatest player ever,” Bell said. “It’s the way he practices, how he goes about his business. … I wish y’all could see the throws he does in practice, it would be unbelievable.

“But my idea of [him], I thought he was like a 10 before I came here. And now I think he’s probably like a 12. That’s about it.”

Bell’s scale on that measurement was a little unclear. But the running back is simply saying what we’ve all been watching for the past three seasons when it comes to Mahomes’ greatness.

18 responses to “Le’Veon Bell on Patrick Mahomes: He might be the greatest player ever

  1. Potentially, but after just three years has a long way to go to surpass Brady,Jim Brown, Johnny Unitas, Jerry Rice, Lawrence Taylor etc.

  2. “I thought he was a 10, but now I think he’s a 12”… It’s a pretty clear scale to me. He’s better than he thought, and he thought he was great being a 10. What’s unclear about that?

  3. Dont see him managing to get as lucky as Brady – nor will that ever allowed to be replicated – but at this rate he’ll get all the stats and then some to really solidify his status among them.

  4. So then the question is: If Mahomes were to call it quits after this Super Bowl, would he go into the Hall of Fame?

  5. Greatness should not be just measured by one stat, as in Brady’s Super Bowls [and yes I do think he is a great QB too, of course, for many reasons]. I believe if Mahomes stays healthy and active for a dozen more seasons he will likely be statistically the best QB we have seen up to now.

  6. Bell’s just a bit giddy. Who can blame him. He fell asleep and woke up in the super bowl. I don’t blame the mumble jumble. That’s what it sounds like when you’re dreaming. Talk about falling in the slop and coming out smelling like a rose. Lol.

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