Patrick Mahomes: Travis Kelce, Tyreek Hill complement each other well


Kansas City’s offense is one of the most dynamic units in the league largely because of quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

But it doesn’t hurt that he has two elite receiving options in Tyreek Hill and Travis Kelce.

Kelce set a record for receiving yards by a tight end in 2020, recording 1,416 in just 15 games. Hill went over 1,000 yards for the third time in the last four seasons, picking up 1,276 yards and 15 touchdowns.

They’ve both continued that strong production in the postseason. Kelce’s caught 21 passes for 227 yards with three touchdowns, and Hill has 17 receptions for 282 yards. Both players have exceeded their yardage output from three postseason games last year.

According to Mahomes, part of why they’ve both been so successful is the way they’re able to play off of each other.

“I think what makes each of them great really complements the other well,” Mahomes said Tuesday. “The fact that Tyreek can beat man coverage, catch over the top, be able to make big plays happen opens up the middle for Travis. And so to be able to have guys that complement each other so well and individually are such great talents, I think is what makes them such a dynamic duo and a group of guys who I’m glad are on my team.”

Hill racked up 269 yards and three receiving touchdowns against the Buccaneers in November. If Tampa Bay takes Hill away, it’ll probably be Kelce’s day to shine in Super Bowl LV.

2 responses to “Patrick Mahomes: Travis Kelce, Tyreek Hill complement each other well

  1. This was a really obvious article which tells you there isn’t much to publish during the pandemic. Of course Hill and Kelce compliment each other. When you have a burner in Hill and the best TE since Tony Gonzalez on the same roster with a innovative QB, they will continue to kill opposing defenses because you simply cannot contain both of them. Had Kareem Hunt not been such a bonehead off the field, this would be a dynasty that the rest of the league would be chasing for the next 5 years. TB has been a fun story, but they are going to get ripped to pieces by these two on Sunday and there isn’t a chance they will beat KC in a shootout even if Mahomes plays on 9 toes.

  2. geez Patrick you don’t say? I wonder if P Manning felt the same way about Harrison & Wayne?

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