Report: Matt Ryan is expected to remain in Atlanta in 2021

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The Falcons have a new General Manager. They have a new head coach. They have a new coaching staff. They will not have a new quarterback.

Tom Pelissero of NFL Network reports Matt Ryan is expected to remain in Atlanta in 2021. The team has had no trade conversations about either Ryan or receiver Julio Jones.

That is not unexpected.

Ryan, 35, would count $49.9 million in a dead-cap charge if he is traded before June 1. Ryan has a cap hit of $40.9 million in 2021.

Jones would count $38.6 million in dead cap space if he is traded before June 1. He will count $23 million against the cap this season.

The Falcons, under new coach Arthur Smith, will run a version of Kyle Shanahan’s offense that helped Ryan win the MVP award and reach the Super Bowl in 2016.

14 responses to “Report: Matt Ryan is expected to remain in Atlanta in 2021

  1. You aren’t getting anyone better than Ryan or Julio at their respective positions in FA or the draft this year, and no rookie will have their same impact in year one or possibly even year two. The Shanahan system is perfect for Ryan’s abilities and if he had that system for more than a year of his career, he may have set even more records than he already has. So it makes sense to keep them for those reasons, not just their dead cap if cut or traded.

  2. Poor guy. They are not my team but I like Matt Ryan. Too bad he can’t move. That CAP hit is too much for anyone else.

  3. $64 million wrapped up in 2 players and one of them is Matt Ryan??? Bonkers. Julio is a boss when healthy. Ryan is below average. Who agreed to these contracts???

  4. This is the ramification of cap hit continuously being pushed back on your largest salary players. At least Ryan is still on the team and playing at a starter level… unlike Drew Brees who not only wasn’t playing well enough to start for most teams, but now won’t even be in the league while the Saints carry a massive dead cap from him…

    But somehow saints fans will pretend like their situation is better than the Falcons. Saints are in cap hell the worst of ANY team and it isn’t even remotely close. It is actually insane how bad off they are. Enjoy your 2 backup QBs next season.

  5. To be fair (to be faaaaaair): I never realized his contract carried that much space. So yeah, he’s staying put. But for Atlanta, that isn’t bad at all. They’ll draft a new team for him to mentor and lead, and they could do way worse than Ryan and Jones. Someone speedy opposite of Julio and a prudent mid round selection for TE and they could be competitive again quicker than we think.

  6. The Rams like to overpay for everyone….maybe they can get them to take on Ryan’s contract.

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