Ryan Fitzpatrick: Last two seasons re-lit my fire, I still want to play

Miami Dolphins v Las Vegas Raiders
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Ryan Fitzpatrick was not available for the final week of the regular season after he tested positive for COVID-19 and that meant the Dolphins couldn’t call on him in relief of Tua Tagovailoa in the Week 17 loss to the Bills that kept Miami from making the playoffs.

With the Dolphins out of action, Fitzpatrick moved a step closer to free agency in what’s shaping up to be one of the wilder quarterback markets in recent memory. The 38-year-old said on The Pat McAfee Show Tuesday that he wants to be right in the thick of that market because he plans to continue playing.

“This offseason, we already saw it with [Jared] Goff and [Matthew] Stafford obviously,” Fitzpatrick said. “Who knows what’s going to happen with Deshaun [Watson]. There’s rumors everywhere in the quarterback market, but there are a lot of teams looking for a new quarterback or new quarterbacks. For me, personally, I have to take every offseason and reassess. These last two years have really re-lit that fire under me and I still want to play and I enjoy being out there playing.”

Fitzpatrick was benched in favor of Tagovailoa after Week 6 and he said during the season that it hurt despite the fact that he knew Tagovailoa came to Miami to become the starter. The Dolphins could be one of those teams making a play for Watson and a return to Miami may not be in the cards under any circumstances, but Fitzpatrick wants to keep playing and it seems likely he’ll find a seat somewhere before the music stops.

47 responses to “Ryan Fitzpatrick: Last two seasons re-lit my fire, I still want to play

  1. I would love to see it with Miami.
    Tua will be special but he still has plenty to learn.
    Let Fitz compete with him and the best QB is the starter

  2. You should go to Indy and start right away. There are several teams that can use your skills.

  3. Good Keep playing as long as you want. I think I speak for fans we like you around. That’s All NFL fans!

  4. He is fun to watch. Colts can win their division and maybe a playoff game or two with him.

  5. John Lynch! Kyle Shanahan! Pay attention. Here is a *winning* back-up if Garoppolo isn’t available again or doesn’t produce as you hope!

  6. Trade tua make fitz starter….draft another rookie to sit and learn…..miami would have beat Denver if fitz started and been 11-5 and in playoffs!

  7. Who wouldn’t love to see Fitzpatrick win a Super Bowl with some team? He really rocked it in Miami!

  8. Yeah, Patriots. He is probably the best bridge QB available. The problem is that the bridge has nothing on the other side yet.

  9. Fitz to niners + draft Mac Jones….let him soak the Shanny playbook. Let Magic do his magic with a strong group of weapons.

    Niners sign Linsey at C and get a dang cornerback for once. Maybe trade Jimmy G for a Patriot DB

    And then lets do this

  10. He’s had so many great moments, but also so many lousy ones. An awesome back-up QB, but you have to question his credentials as a starter at this stage of his career.

  11. There are a handful of top QB’s, and then another handful of pretty good QB’s. Then there are all the rest of the QB’s. Many of that last group are making between $20-30 million. I don’t blame Fitz. If upwards of $20 million doesn’t light your fire, your fuse is wet.

  12. Some of you have way too much respect for a guy who can only throw 50/50 balls and slants typically behind the receiver.

    I appreciate that he helped my Dolphins the last 2 years but anyone who wants this guy as their QB deserves not going to the playoffs.

    His fire may be re-lit but the tank is still on empty.

    Debate Parker won’t be at your next stop to catch 50/50 balls.

  13. Class act all the way. Loved him in Buffalo and hope he continues!!! Go Amish Rifle!!!!

  14. Fitzpatrick has played a long time, but he has never made the playoffs. When he had a shot with the Jets, he had his worse game of the reason. He is good enough to play, and when he plays enough (jets, bucs) he makes enough mistakes that he gets let go. Given Miami will have a new OC, he’ll probably regress again.

    He can do a lot of good things. But I’ve also seen him have a 6 INT game. Fitzmagic can become Fitztragic quickly. If he was meant to be a long term starter, he would not have bounced around quite as much.

  15. Ryan Fitzpatrick is certainly not the answer in Miami. Tua had 6 wins and 3 loses with practice squad receivers and DeVante Parker who could not stay healthy again. Ryan won a game on a hail Mary lucky throw and hitting a running back over the middle who reversed the field scoring a TD. Ryan’s production has never taken any team to the playoffs. He is not the answer in Miami. Herbert lost to Tua and Miami. Herbert had a much better group of receivers than Tua had in Miami. Please stop this Fitzpatrick magic stuff. He will watch Tua next season who will have a much better group of receivers!

  16. Those of you who like to assert that Fitz is so inconsistent and “hasn’t lead a team to the playoffs” simply have never looked at the full picture.

    In almost EVERY situation, he has been having to sling it all over the place to keep an under talented team (often with no defense) alive and almost ANY QB having to do that is going to lose, even with good numbers. (Take Justin Herbert for example)

    Want to complain to me about how he did not “lead his team to the playoffs” this year?

    Didn’t think so.

    In Miami, he MIGHT have led this year’s team to the playoff is NOT for his coach deciding that the rookie QB’s time had come, and THEN his getting COVID for the final game.

    Finally playing on a decent team with a decent defense.

    Would LOVE to see this veteran have a decent set of receivers, a running game AND a defense and see what he can do.

    Lot’s of GREAT QBs made few playoff berths due to lousy teams around them.

    Heck, even Dan Marino only made the playoffs in 10 out of the 17 seasons he played…

  17. Fitz should be in the hall of fame when he is done. Nobody has had a career even close to what he has done, and maybe never will. Those are the kind of people that get into the hall.

  18. WFT would be interesting Fitz would probably be the best QB in the NFC East. Or I could see Denver bring in Fitz to compete with Lock while they look to draft another QB down the road.

  19. Fitzy is a good NFL QB. His struggles seem to have come after getting big money and trying to live up to it which lead to mistake filled football. His big year with the Jets (still holds team record for most TD passes in a season) had contract drama all offseason which lead to one of his worst seasons. Had the Jets made a real commitment to him his play probably would have been a lot better than what we’ve seen from the high draft pick Darnold.

  20. Quietly putting together an amazing career, after being drafted virtually last in the seventh round. He’s still taking snaps after 16 years while a bunch of first round QB’s have flamed out.

    The guy is fearless and smart. Fantastic.

  21. Someone with a young QB who needs to sit for a season or two should make Fitz the starter. Miami wanted to do that, but put Tua in too early – which is always an issue with a first round QB.

    So the question is: if Miami thinks Tua is their guy (and they should because of where they drafted him) then why not sit him next season behind Fitz? 10 games isn’t enough to judge a QB. Plenty of HoF QBs had awful first seasons (and beyond).

    Using the usual NFL “sink or swim” logic with Tua (or any young QB) is asinine and counter-productive. Develop the kid behind a veteran like Fitz, and mean it, don’t just say it then throw Tua to the wolves because fans/media/ownership(?) are demanding it – the same fans who now want to jettison Tua, by the way.

  22. Who the hell would Would want to play in the cold northeast, with a rebuilding Pats team? And a doctoral coach?? He be better off anywhere else!!!!

  23. morbio115 says:
    February 2, 2021 at 6:26 pm
    Trade tua make fitz starter….draft another rookie to sit and learn…..miami would have beat Denver if fitz started and been 11-5 and in playoffs!
    Fitz had the Dolphins on the comeback trail in that game, right? He helped set them up for a 53 yard field goal and also threw an interception! Yeah, if he only started. Maybe if Tua started against the Patriots (the game Fitz tossed 3 interceptions) they wouldn’t have had to worry about the game against Denver. The Dolphins had a chance on the last game of the season. Win and in. The Bills put up 56 points and sat key starters the second half. The Dolphins defense never took the field.

  24. As a Jags fan, I would love to see Fitz start for a year or 2 while Trevor learns how to be an NFL QB and let Fitz take the hits as they rebuild the Oline.

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