Frank Reich consulted Peyton Manning about Colts’ QB options

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Some have wondered if Peyton Manning will get back into football by running a team at some point, but he has thus far resisted that option for his post-playing career.

Manning has still done some player evaluation work, however. Colts head coach Frank Reich was an assistant for the team when Manning was their quarterback and he said that he has spoken to Manning about players who could help the Colts move forward without Philip Rivers.

“After Philip retired, I started going, ‘OK, here’s all the quarterbacks who could be out there,'” Reich said, via Jim Ayello of the Indianapolis Star. “And as we’re talking about who’s going to be our starting quarterback next year, yeah, I called Peyton and asked him his opinion on some of the guys. . . . When you hear from Peyton, it obviously carries a ton of weight. It carries a ton of weight. . . . Whatever percentage of all the other opinions matter, which is a smaller percentage of the overall picture, Peyton’s percentage is going to be higher because of who he is.”

Reich didn’t share any of the conversation, but said that Manning has stronger opinions about some players than others and that he “generally wants to speak positively” of players rather than bash them. He also said he thinks Manning would be great as a head of football operations, but Reich’s happy to make use of him on a consultant’s basis for the time being.

12 responses to “Frank Reich consulted Peyton Manning about Colts’ QB options

  1. Imagine if Peyton got all upset when the Colts didn’t hire who he suggested. Sounds childish, right?

  2. The fact that the Colts didn’t even make a serious offer for Stafford means one thing , they are going cheap when it comes to their QB . By cheap I’m not only talking money I’m talking assets too . Stafford would have made them legit SB contenders but the the 21st pick surely won’t . The fact that the Colts didn’t even bother to make a serious offer for Stafford makes it clear the QB for 2021 is going to be from the bargain bin . Just like Denver and Chicago did in the past Indianapolis will waste a legit SB winning defense because they won’t pay the price to get the QB needed to get them there .

  3. Reich should keep in mind that Peyton Manning called Jets ownership to advocate for the hiring of Adam Gase. As good of a football player he was, I’d say he’s an idiot when it comes to personnel or front office decisions

  4. Just because he was a great quarterback doesn’t mean he should step into the job of head of football operations. There’s a learning curve for every job. So having a similar rookie season like Manning did with the Colts, throwing 28 INTs, didn’t hurt his future career, but having a similarly bad rookie year in the front office can linger for many many seasons.
    He needs to slowly attain that position, and as many have stated, his endorsement of Adam Gase doesn’t help his case.

  5. Actually its pretty smart, If Reich is thinking of a guy that Manning is recommending, he will know to stay away and not to hire whomever he recommends.

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