Jared Goff: Detroit, here I come

Divisional Round - Los Angeles Rams v Green Bay Packers
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Neither the Rams nor Lions can comment on the blockbuster trade that will send Matthew Stafford to Los Angeles and Jared Goff to Detroit until the deal becomes official at the start of the new league year.

But Goff has given a pair of interviews on the move, saying he’s hopeful it will be good for his career.

Now he’s taken to social media to give an official goodbye to his old city and say hello to his new one.

“Thank you to the entire city of Los Angeles for welcoming a 21-year-old kid with open arms and making this town feel like home,” Goff said. “This city has shaped the man I’ve become and I will forever be grateful for the Kroenke family, my coaches, the support staff, and most importantly, my teammates for competing and fighting with me every Sunday — I’ve made memories with every one of you in that locker room that I will cherish for the rest of my life.

“To the fans, thank you for the relentless support through all the ups and the downs — it has meant the world to me. From the bottom of my heart, it’s been an honor to represent the City of L.A.

“With that said, I couldn’t be more excited for this next chapter and am ready to attack this new opportunity that lies ahead. Detroit, here I come.”

19 responses to “Jared Goff: Detroit, here I come

  1. Best of Luck in Detroit. No one wishes bad things on you. Your world is going to be extremely different compared to living in LA thats for sure.

  2. I wish him well. Seems like a good guy. Funny how things go but had they won that Super Bowl his stock would be WAY higher now (like what happened with Joe Flacco) and he probably never gets traded. And with a few coaching adjustments in that game–some screen passes, a moving pocket, basically anything to slow down NE’s pass rush–they probably would have won.

  3. I like him more than the old QB already.

    Rams fans have a rude awakening coming when they realize they traded the 17th best QB in the NFL for the 15th best QB in the NFL.

  4. Oh oh . . . the fight for third place in the NFCN isn’t going to get any easier for our Vikings.

  5. He’s really a pretty good QB not sure why he fell out of favor in LA. Good Luck young man!

  6. He is handling his trade like a true pro. No torching the team or management! Much better than his boss when he moved the team from St Louis to LA.
    Hope he is successfull and if he is what does that say about the “boy genius”?

  7. Class comments. Detroit seems to believe in him, and the change of scenery will likely do him good.

  8. lost in most of the information is the massive contract the lions absorb in getting Goff. Stafford isn’t any better than Goff in my opinion. Can the Rams go that many years in a row now without a first round pick? Don’t have any because of the Ramsey trade and now don’t have any because of Stafford trade. Time will tell.

  9. This was no fault of Jared’s, this all falls on Les Snead. Quit giving out stupid contracts and we wouldn’t have these issues. Thanks to Jared for help turning around my team, good luck to him.

  10. I don’t see Stafford as a big upgrade over GOff. Detroit may have made a steal of a trade here.

  11. There were a lot more ups than downs with Goff as the QB for the Rams. The grass isn’t always greener. Better make the SB.

  12. He will revert back to his Jeff Fisher days. I don’t see how he does better than he did in the McVay’s system.

  13. God speed Jared. Remember, Detroit fans love cheering for bad guys. It’s a place where a taunting foul will make you a hero. As a Rams fan, I’m thrilled that we’re getting Stafford, but I wish you well in Motown.

  14. Bottom line, we as Lions fans loved Stafford, and Goff has some big shoes to fill, but having a couple extra first round picks will ease some of the sting of no having one of my favorite Lions on the field. Hopefully Goff can one day be a favorite Lion as well, but time will tell

  15. I don’t expect Goff to do anything great at all, but I have to say it’s really nice that we ended up with a QB (for at least 2 years) who has a winning records against good teams. Matthew Stafford’s record against teams over .500 is 9-54. This is a major upgrade in that respect.

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