JuJu Smith Schuster would love to stay, wants to be paid what he’s worth

Wild Card Round - Cleveland Browns v Pittsburgh Steelers
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Wide receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster‘s pregame dancing and pre-playoff comments about the Browns overshadowed his play on the field for the Steelers down the stretch and that leaves potential suitors in free agency with some things to sort out when it comes to the wideout’s value.

Teams will weigh Smith-Schuster’s 97 catches and nine touchdowns against his salary demands and other baggage as they make that call. Of course, Smith-Schuster will be looking out for his own priorities once it comes time to choose where he’ll be in 2021.

Smith-Schuster said on FOX Sports Radio this week that he “would love to come back” to Pittsburgh while outlining what he’s looking for this offseason.

“I’m always about winning,” Smith-Schuster said. “I want to be on a team that is fighting and competing for the playoffs every year. As far as the business side and the money, I want to be paid for what I am worth. Obviously for what I do for the team particularly.”

Smith-Schuster said that it “means a lot” that quarterback Ben Roethlisberger expressed a willingness to rework his contract to free up cap space that could go to other players and that he’d “love to play with Ben for his time here,” but it will likely be some time before we know if the Steelers make that a reality.

21 responses to “JuJu Smith Schuster would love to stay, wants to be paid what he’s worth

  1. What you do for the team is put them in difficult situations where other men have to account for your childish actions bc you haven’t grown up yet.

    Paid what you’re worth would result in not much. You haven’t been relevant since AB left.

  2. He has 2 100 yard games (one of which was like 103 yards) since AB left. Hes not worth much. Lol

  3. He is good but not worth a huge payday. JuJu is solid just not a game changer. He may not even be a top 10 reciever in the league. Not talking stat wise just talking talent.

  4. What you’re worth? You’ve hit 100 yards in a game once since AB left. While averaging 8 YPC.

  5. This guy isn’t worth a 6 pack. When AB was gone 2 years ago JuJu disappeared. Last season he was barely relevant due to teams double teaming Claypool. He is maybe a 4th WR on most teams. His childish antics cost the Steelers 3 games this year by really ticking off the other teams with lots of bulletin board material. Nobody is going to pay this clown.

  6. They shouldn’t re-sign him.
    Beyond his increasingly bizarre behaviour, there is the simple fact that the Steelers are one of the best teams in drafting and developing wide receivers. He’s easily replaceable if he hasn’t already been surpassed by his current teammates.

  7. Granted that Ben isn’t worth what he’s making right now, but of course he’s happy when someone else reworks THEIR contract so he can get more money. Juju had big numbers with a team that couldn’t run. He had big numbers against a CLE defense that was playing soft and making Pitt use up time to score. I’m not sure he’ll be worth what he thinks he’s worth, but we’ll see.

  8. “paid what he’s worth”, …interpretation, Selling his services to highest bidder! He’s leaving!

  9. “Smith-Schuster said that it “means a lot” that quarterback Ben Roethlisberger expressed a willingness to rework his contract to free up cap space that could go to other players”______________________________________

    Don’t make it sound like your QB is taking a huge cut or even a small one, Roethlisberger is still going to get paid everything he is owed. He is just taking a bonus and stretching’s out the years.

  10. He finished the season top 5 in receptions 10th in td. Better numbers ever year than Kupp who signed for 3/49 I would gladly pay him 4/60

  11. I can’t imagine the Steelers re-signing him after all that went on this year. He’s a year or two away from becoming full-blown AB. Maybe it’s Tomlin’s fault for enabling these diva WRs. With the addition of Claypool they don’t need Schuster and all his nonsense. They’ll just draft another receiver and move on.

    Any team that gives him a big contract is going to be sorry.

  12. Just the latest Steeler in the Tomlin era who lacks discipline and self-control. The fact that it took 11 weeks to tell him to stop dancing on logo’s and only after the opposing team made an issue of it and knocked his head off. There is a big problem with the culture and locker room in Pittsburgh and Tomlin is at the root of it.

  13. He’s played hard and has done pretty well. Not lights out. It won’t hurt the Steelers to let him play the field. He’s not going to be a huge gain or loss. I have a feeling he will do well with the Steelers because he has help from other receivers and he knows the offense. My opinion is nothing more than 4 years 30 million.

  14. Let this clown go in free agency. Some avg team w/ a lot of cap space will overpay him. He’ll dance & preen & build his brand, but he will not help a team win. First name shouldn’t be “Ju Ju”, it should be “Me Me”.

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