Leonard Fournette feels great, from cut by the Jags to Super Bowl with the Bucs

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The 2020 NFL season started with Leonard Fournette not even making a team. It’s ending with him in the Super Bowl.

Fournette reflected on how it felt to go from cut by the Jaguars — and then clearing waivers, meaning none of the 31 other teams wanted to pick up the last year of his rookie contract — to playing in Super Bowl LV.

“Just for me to be in this position I’m in now, I’m just grateful. Coming from being cut and now playing in the Super Bowl with my new team and my new organization, it feels great,” Fournette said.

The Jaguars ended up with the worst record in the NFL and the first overall pick in the draft, while Fournette ended up playing for a chance at a ring. He’ll take that trade any time.

20 responses to “Leonard Fournette feels great, from cut by the Jags to Super Bowl with the Bucs

  1. Maybe if he wasn’t such a jerk on the Jags they wouldn’t have had to cut him. Then again it’s never their fault.

  2. Being cut by the Jags was an eye opener for Leonard. It’s put up or shut up time. He’s always been better by attrition than everyone else without having to put the work in. This isn’t high school, pop Warner, or even college, this is the NFL, and if the work hasn’t been put in, they’ll chew you up and spit you out. Being cut by the Jags may have saved his career (not because they’re the jags) because is forced him to grow up a little.

  3. He made $23 mill over 3 years with the Jags and took them nowhere. he’s making $2 mill this year because even Tampa wouldn’t pick him up at his old contract when he hit waivers.

    Fournette’s days of being a big money back are over and proves once again the folly of drafting an RB in the first round, especially the high first round.

    It’s looking like the Cowboys finally realize Zeke was the product of a great offensive line and are looking to trade him as well. Might as well cut him like Gurley because noone is going to trade for a high priced RB.

  4. He wasn’t a jerk. Fanbase still loves him. He was a hero outside the stadium-he donated money to students, interacted with fans. He was under the lights for being 4th pick in the draft. Media had aerial coverage of his arrest for unpaid traffic ticket. What showed his heart-but seemed stupid-was when he ran on the field to fight opposing player involved with hitting his teammate. Leo will always have Duuuuuval on his side. Good luck, 4nette !

  5. redlikethepig says:
    February 3, 2021 at 5:22 am
    Maybe if he wasn’t such a jerk on the Jags they wouldn’t have had to cut him. Then again it’s never their fault.
    Well it all worked out for the best for everyone right?

  6. In retrospect, the humble pie he swallowed forced him to refocus his priorities so that’s good.

  7. Cutting Fournette was just more evidence of the incompetence present in the team’s front office.

  8. On top of being a jerk, he wasn’t even very good with the Jaguars, become known as 2.4nette and was compared to Trent Richardson in his inability to spot the hole. Another Tom Coughlin bust (along with Taven Bryan) in his sorry second stint with the Jaguars.

  9. Yeah he was a cancer in the Jags locker room. Not the biggest cancer, but not a positive impact on the team. We still do not miss him.

  10. Also worth noting: Jags also had a rookie running back who’s a finalist for Rookie of the Year and likely would have finished 3rd in rushing if he didn’t sit out the last two games. It turned out to be a good move for Fournette, and the Jags.

  11. He got cut because he was beat out by an undrafted rookie free agent in James Robinson. Robinson ended up being light years better than Fournette.
    So it worked out for both sides!

  12. Fournette has always played best in big games. almost 500 yds and 7 Tds in the playoffs in his 2 trips there. what make fournette unique now is that he’s a power back who excels in the passing game, as a blocker and a smart dump off option

  13. Fournette is a really good power back BUT he must have a good Oline to make a nice hole for him. He is not one of those RBs who can make their own hole or bounce around for extra yardage. Luckily for him, Tampa has a good Oline making nice holes for him and he is having a good year.

  14. This is so funny. Lots of bitter Jags fans here.

    Guess what, now Fournette has a SB ring, where he was a key piece of the team, and he scored on all four playoff games. The Jags are 1-15 and thinking that Trevor Lawrence will solve all their problems (when it really poor Trevor will suffer more than Joe Burrow did in his first season).

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