Sean Payton anticipates an “announcement” from Drew Brees within the next “week, week and a half”

Minnesota Vikings v New Orleans Saints
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It’s widely expected that Saints quarterback Drew Brees will retire. Brees has not yet made it official.

Whatever he plans to do, the Saints expect to get an answer soon.

“I think within the next week, week-and-a-half we’ll get a little bit more information relative to Drew,” Saints coach Sean Payton told PFT Live on Wednesday. “We’ll wait on Drew’s announcement.”

There’s no reason to think Drew’s announcement will be anything other than a retirement announcement. That means the Saints will need to find a new quarterback.

The in-house candidates are Taysom Hill (who is under contract) and Jameis Winston (who is due to become a free agent).

For the full interview with Sean Payton, check out the attached video.

14 responses to “Sean Payton anticipates an “announcement” from Drew Brees within the next “week, week and a half”

  1. I never thought of Drew Brees as much of a narcissist, but it seems he’s going to wait until all the Super Bowl hoopla is done so he can be in the news all by himself.

  2. We all face our own crossroads. He’s one of the greats. I’d love to see him keep playing, and would admire his effort.. if not, then thank you for your contribution to this game, and may you enjoy the life you’ve earned.

  3. Brees is being consistent with the class person he’s always been, and doesn’t want to steel the attention away from Tom Brady. After the super bowl, and the aftermath dies down, Brees will make his announcement.

  4. What he meant is, “hurry up and retire, stop being a diva. You’re done, Saints are moving on without you”.

  5. I stronly believe that Big Ben remains one more year to not retire the same year as Rivers, Brees. If he would there would be a risk not being first ballott HOFer.

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