Shane Waldron expresses excitement over chance to work with Russell Wilson

Wild Card Round - Los Angeles Rams v Seattle Seahawks
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New Seattle Seahawks offensive coordinator Shane Waldron will get his first chance to call plays in the NFL with Russell Wilson as his starting quarterback.

Wadlron, in speaking with reporters for the first time since accepting the job with Seattle last week, said he’s excited at the prospect of working with the eight-time Pro Bowl quarterback.

“He’s an exciting guy to get to work with,” Waldron said on Tuesday. “At any point, this guy can explode and create a game-winning play. He’s the type of quarterback, which I love, where there isn’t any scenario that he’s entered in life where he thought he was going to fall short. He’s got that mindset that he’s going to be the best. He’s going to attack every day preparing himself to be the best. That’s the exciting part about it.

“From a positional standpoint, he can make every throw you need to make. He can run any part of any offense that you want to get to. I think the best thing for us is going to be finding out with this marriage, where we fit together, what things he loves, what things fit offensively and then moving forward from there. I couldn’t be more excited to work with him.”

Waldron got the chance to call plays with the Los Angeles Rams during the preseason and occasionally in practices as a way of preparing for an eventual opportunity to arise. That chance has come with the Rams divisional-rival in Seattle. While the Seahawks won the division this season, the Rams ended their year with a playoff win in Seattle last month.

When former offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer took over the offense in 2018, he said they carried over a large chunk of the playbook that the team had been running previously under Darrell Bevell. Waldron similarly said on Tuesday that they will keep the stuff that Wilson and Seattle’s offense has done so well as part of their arsenal, but at the same time he anticipates making changes to maximize the potential of the players and abilities they have now.

“Will there be parts of stuff that carries over? Absolutely, because there’s been some great things that they’ve done in the past,” Waldron said. “But for me, I’m really more worried about 2021. There’s a lot of things in the past that we all learn from and I think we grow from those experiences, but really everything moving forward is going to be all about this year and how this group of players fits together, how this group of coaches fit together, and how we can attack that with that competitive mindset.”

Waldron and Wilson spoke during the interview process and have talked since he was hired as the coordinator as well. While he wouldn’t divulge much about the conversations he’s had with his new quarterback, he said the chance to start building a rapport with the person, not just the player, he’s getting to coach will be an important step.

“The football part of it, that’s going to be an important part of it when the time’s right but our conversations really have centered around just who we are as people,” Waldron said. “Because you’re in a room with some guys for a lot of hours every day when that season gets rolling and I think that that compatible personality, you know, he seems like he has this unrelenting desire to be better, to be the best that he can be. When we started talking about those things that’s where it was at some really fun conversations.”