Tom Brady: I still have a lot of love for New England

Washington Redskins v New England Patriots
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Tom Brady is heading into his 10th Super Bowl, and his first with the Buccaneers after leading the Patriots to nine. But while Brady may feel some motivation to prove the Patriot Way wasn’t responsible for his previous success, he says he has nothing but warm memories of his time in New England.

Reflecting today on his two decades with the Patriots, Brady said it was a great experience — and that he appreciates the many Patriots fans who have said they’re rooting for him to get Super Bowl ring No. 7 on Sunday.

“Any time you change teams you don’t know how it’s going to go, but there’s been incredible support from the team I used to play for, all the New England fans,” he said. “I have a lot of love for Boston and all of New England. Incredible support over the years. It was an amazing two decades of my life.”

In 2021 the Buccaneers play at New England, and even on the road, Brady is sure to hear from the fans in New England just how much they appreciated him.

26 responses to “Tom Brady: I still have a lot of love for New England

  1. We root for Tom not the team…. But if he should get number 7 that would be really cool….

  2. Two decades of my life. What a ride and I still want to know what he actually is paying the devil to get away with all this….

  3. I just can’t see how a Pats fan can’t be rooting for him or Gronk after what they have given the team.

  4. In one respect nothing has changed – the Patriots are still my favorite team and Tom is still my favorite player.

  5. If you listen to Boston sports radio the love and hate from the fans for Tom are pretty much split down the middle. Belichick has one more losing season before the fans start screaming for his head.

  6. I could never stop being a Brady fan, no matter who he is playing for. Obviously ,wish he was still here, but he’s still got it after 20 years. His relationship with Belichick soured, so he did what anyone else would have done…find another place to play. I hope he gets #7.

  7. flaccotoboldin says:
    February 3, 2021 at 2:24 pm
    They all know it wasn’t Bellichick now.


    It was the two of them combined, not one or the other. Despite a bad year, BB is still the GOAT of coaches.

  8. I hope that when Brady retires and goes to the HOF,he does it as a Patriot. I can’t see him doing it as a Buc.

  9. Sorry Pats fans, but he loves the Bay Area more. He was a Candlestick Kid you know…

  10. Baseball used to be the great American pastime. Now it’s football. The NFL wouldn’t think of keeping Brady out of the HOF like baseball has done with Barry Bonds and Pete Rose. They’re cutting off their nose to spite their face.

  11. Get ready for year after year of excuses from Patriots fans. Newton was a bum, most opt outs, that’s just the beginning. It will take years for them to realize it was all Brady, if they ever do. It’s gonna be hilarious when they start whining about how the Bills have it easy in such a weak division.

  12. This “Brady carried the Patriots” is contradicted by a lot of evidence.

    In the divisional round leading up to SB 49, Brady was unable to move the ball against the Ravens, falling behind 14-0 and then 28-14 before Belichick asked RB Shane Vereen to declare hinself ineligible to referees, which caused the Ravens defense to wonder which of the 5 Patriots were eligible and required coverage. The result … a few seconds for Brady to hit a WIDE open receiver. THIS was the difference in the game without which the Patriots never would have qualified for SB 49.

    In a regular season game against the Broncos leading up to SB 38, Brady was backed up in his own end down 24-23 — 4th down — w/ just a couple minutes renaining. From punt formation Belichick instructs the center to snap the ball through the end zone to award Denver a safety and a free kick. The Patriots stopped the Broncos, received the ball in better field position for Brady to drive for the winning TD.

    Super Bowl 36. Rams – Patriots I
    Brady 145 yards, 1 TD
    Ty Law’s pick 6 and the other turnovers forced by the D account for as many points as the offense in the 20-17 win.
    Bill has a knack of neutralizing or containing HOF offenses like Warner’s Greatest Show on Turf

    Super Bowl 53. Rams – Patriots II
    Brady 262 yards, 0 TDs, 1 INT
    The offense produced only 13 points in the 13-3 win.
    But the D held Goff to 229 yards, 0 TDs, 1 INT, and 50% completion

    Super Bowl 42. Giants – Patriots I
    Brady 266 yards, 1 TD
    The offense produced only 14 points in the 17-14 loss.
    The D kept the Patriots in the game, holding Eli Manning to only 10 points until the final minute of play.

    Super Bowl 49. Seahawks – Patriots.
    This was a true synergy of Brady’s O and Belichick’s D.  Belichick coached Malcolm Butler and the D to expect the quick inside slant at the goalline. They practiced it all week.  It turned out to be the winning play, producing the most shocking end to a Super Bowl ever.

    2018 AFCCG Patriots 37, Chiefs 31 OT
    This game might have had a different outcome if Belichick’s D had not held Patrick Mahomes scoreless in the 1st half (Patriots 14, Chiefs 0)
    The Patriots won their regular season game over the Chiefs in similar fashion, with the D helping stake the Patriots to a 24-6 halftime lead on route to a 43-40 win.

    2003 AFCCG Patriots 24, Colts 14
    The D held Peyton Manning scoreless in the first half. Ty Law recorded 4 INTs.

    As defensive coordinator for the Giants, Belichick is credited for having designed schemes that thwarted Joe Montana, Jim Kelley, and John Elway at the peak of their momentum.

    1986 NFC Divisional Round
    Giants 49, 49ers 3
    Montana was 8 of 15 for 89 yards, 0 TD, 2 INTs before a hit by Jim Burt knocked him out of the game

    1990 NFC Divisional Round
    Giants 15, 49ers 13
    Montana was 18 of 26 for 190 yards and only 1 TD.
    The Giants ended the 49ers run of 2 straight championships

    Super Bowl 25
    Giants 20, Bills 19
    Jim Kelly’s Bills had one of the most prolific offenses, having hung 51 points on the Raiders in the AFCCG
    The Giants D knew they needed something special since they were starting the inexperienced backup Hostetler.

    The Bills were held to 1 of 8 on 3rd down and 19 minutes of possession time. Belichick’s game plan is enshrined in the HOF

  13. Whatever the outcome, the Bucs will be better next year. In fact they will probably win the NFC and all games will go through Tampa. …Brady will be familiar with the offense and the others will be familiar with him!

  14. Don’t all these people know that the Pro Football HOF doesn’t induct people in as members of a specific team?

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