CeeDee Lamb: It’s no secret we want Dak Prescott back

Washington Redskins v Dallas Cowboys
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Dak Prescott will dominate every story about the Cowboys this offseason. Not only is the quarterback still looking for a long-term contract, but Prescott also is rehabbing from ankle surgery that ended his season after five games.

So every Cowboys player who submits to an interview this offseason is guaranteed of being asked about Prescott’s contract and his recovery.

Prescott played this season under the franchise tag and is scheduled to become a free agent in March.

“It’s no secret we want Dak back,” receiver CeeDee Lamb told Jori Epstein of USA Today on Wednesday. “I trust that the guys in the [front] office are definitely going to make the right decision. They know how much Dak means to us and how much we lean on him.

“I cannot wait to have him back.”

Prescott was leading the league in passing yards with 1,856 before the compound fracture and dislocation of his right ankle against the Giants. He underwent immediate surgery and apparently underwent a second surgery, according to Lamb.

“He came back from his second surgery about two months ago so he’s walking around, rehabbing, doing everything right,” Lamb, who had 935 receiving yards and five touchdowns, said. “It’s great to see, especially when you seen him go down. You saw the look in his eyes and you saw how sad he was and how much this game meant to him.

“Just to see him smiling again, happy again, being with his guys is a great deal.”

12 responses to “CeeDee Lamb: It’s no secret we want Dak Prescott back

  1. Well obviously they want him back, didn’t Dak have more total touchdowns in 4 and a half games than Daniel Jones did in the entire season? Without Dak, Zeke is nothing, and the defense doesn’t have anyone to fall back on.

  2. what on Earth for?

    by almost any measure, Dakota is a terrible quarterback;

    he runs up his stats between the twenties but is horrible in the red zone;

    that is all because he cannot read defences beyond his primary receiver and his modus operandi is either give the ball to Elliot, pass the ball ten feet away and five yards behind the line to Elliot;

    take Elliot away—which most teams do in the red zone—and his idea of read-pass option is read the primary receiver and run;

    this is why Dakota has beaten one, repeat ONE team in two years with a winning record or are a legitimate playoff contender, why Dakota has regressed each year in the league and when injured had led the vaunted Cowsills to something like 2-4 record;;

    how does that merit a starter salary or franchise designation?

  3. From most accounts, it sounded like they couldn’t agree on years more so than money. Thats a shame! His teammates CLEARLY love him. To me, thats actually his best leverage.

  4. Easy fix. The guys all need to get together and volunteer for pay cuts to fund Dak’s contract.

  5. Jerrah is in a real pickle here. Dak isnt worth the money, might as well roll with Dalton. They can still finish 7-9.

  6. You might want him back, but I dont think Jerrah wants him back at 40 million a year. Someone is going to have to swallow their pride and I’m pretty sure it isn’t going to be Jerrah.

  7. Dak is a good, but far from elite QB. He wants way too much money for what he offers in production. The Cowboys need to find another good QB, save a bunch of money, then use that money to shore up the defense. The defense is what will hold them back with or without Dak.

  8. Most often I find the critique on Dak is unfounded and cannot be verified with statistical data. Sure, Dak is far from a finished product, but the level of production, coupled with improvements he has shown from year to year all point upwards.

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