DeVonta Smith: I can’t control what people think of my size

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Wide receiver DeVonta Smith won the Heisman Trophy while putting up eye-popping numbers at Alabama, but his on-field production hasn’t been the only talking point about his professional prospects.

Smith’s size has become part of the conversation. He was listed at 6’1″ and 175 pounds while in school and opted not to be measured or weighed at the Senior Bowl last month.

During an appearance on PFT Live this week, Smith said he didn’t feel he had time to train after hurting his finger in Alabama’s championship game win over Ohio State and that it would be best to wait for his Pro Day. He also said that if people doubt he can succeed because of his size, they can look elsewhere for help in the draft.

“It’s all God’s plan. I can’t control what people think so if that’s what they want to do, let them do it,” Smith said. “Just control what I can control. When I get the opportunity to do what I can do, just make the most of my opportunity.”

There may be teams that pass on Smith at the top of the draft because he doesn’t fit the mold they’re looking for at receiver. Starting next September, Smith will get a chance to show any of those teams that they made a mistake.

16 responses to “DeVonta Smith: I can’t control what people think of my size

  1. He obviously measures smaller than listed, because why no get officially measured? That said, who really cares? Guy can obviously play. He gets open and can catch. A team is going to get a very good WR.

  2. He has shown them, if they’ll watch film. At least 7 SEC defenses built their plan on stopping #6 this year, and all he did was eat them alive. If Miami keeps Tua they should grab him at #3 so Tua would have at least ONE decent target to throw to.

  3. If he can catch the damn ball and elude defenders, I think that makes him draftable. Silly discussion.

  4. What is DeSean Jackson height and weight?. Jerry Rice was not that big. If he is there when the Eagles pick comes up and we don’t take him, I want Roseman fired on the spot

  5. I love his attitude. He probably wouldn’t mind those bottom feeders picking at the top to pass on him so he can go to a decent team.

  6. Saban’s Alabama receivers have a crazy hit rate. Even the worst ones are studs in the NFL. I’d go with that and not complicate it for myself.

  7. All these guys are about to hit their early 20’s and get man power anyways. They’ll be on a pro weight lifting program and diet. Those who treat lifting and eating like pros will be just fine.

  8. He’s the perfect example of size doesn’t matter . He’s an elite playmaker and will be one of the brightest stars in the NFL during his career .

  9. Ya, Tyreek Hill sure isn’t successful….give it a break. He’s the ultimate weapon. Kid can play.

  10. Drink a lot of water before your pro day weigh in.

    Opting to not weigh in makes us think he must be considerably lighter than the listed 175.

    It matters. Not a ton, but it matters.

  11. Marvin Harrison was barely 165lbs and left defenders in the dust … Smith should be fine if he can take the hits, which arent as many any more. Defenders hardly even do press coverage …

  12. forget Tyreek Hill comparisons…Hill is twenty yards downfield before most receivers clear the line, which brings us to the exact point:

    at maybe 5-10 and 170 lbs. soaking wet, there is just no way he is going to separate off the line from most shutdown corners, who are little blocks of granite what can run backwards fast as most WRs can run forwards for ten yards;

    lacking strength or top end speed, he will be easily negated by one defensive back much like Golladay up in Detroit, who is at least powerful enough to high point most corners and block on running plays;

    plus, from the look of him, he lacks the frame to carry another twenty pounds of needed muscle;

    small, light, weak, no top end speed or ability to bulk up…sorry, this is no first and probably not even a second round choice;

    btw, Marvin Harrison was deceptively fast, as was Jerry Rice, both of whom ran so precise patterns the QB need only throw to a spot;

    Freeman won’t even get off the line most of the time;

  13. Marvin Harrizon was 71.9″ 181 lbs at his combine. Desean Jackson is a better comp. Assuming Smith can get off the line against press coverage with his quicks, the only disadvantages are blocking and to a lesser degree target size. Explosion offsets the latter.

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