Jim Irsay: Andrew Luck is more retired now than he was a year and a half ago

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Andrew Luck’s name trended on Twitter earlier this week with rumors he was going to meet with owner Jim Irsay. Colts fans long have hoped Luck would unretire.

T.Y. Hilton and Nyheim Hines both recently said Luck isn’t coming back.

Irsay reiterated that point Thursday, putting any rumors to the contrary to rest.

“I’ll tell you this, Chris, and to all Colt fans,” Irsay told Chris Widlic of CBS 4. “I think everyone just needs to digest this fact that he’s more retired now than he was a year and a half ago. I mean, he is retired.

“Only Andrew knows, of course, because it’s his decision, but I can only say that he definitely is retired, and there’s really no wiggle room or rumor or anything as much as people would like to hear that. Believe me, I wish it was true, and I was hiding some announcement that we could release two days from now, but that’s not the case.”

Luck, 31, retired before the 2019 season, and the Colts have had one-year starters in Brissett and then Rivers the past two seasons. Now, Rivers is retired; Brissett is a free agent; and the Colts again are looking for a starting quarterback.

14 responses to “Jim Irsay: Andrew Luck is more retired now than he was a year and a half ago

  1. Andrew Luck is a very wealthy intellectual. He has a family, and many years ahead of him to do just about anything he wants. To travel wherever he wants. He spent two years rehabbing injuries. He probably figures those are two years he’ll never get back. How many more was he supposed to waste? He’s just an interesting young man with a boatload of options. He actually played six years in the NFL. I wouldn’t mind seeing more guys play six years, make a hundred million, and then let someone else take over. Get out before you get your brains banged around too much. I guarantee you he has no regrets. If he ever starts doubting himself, all he has to do is think about Jim Irsay. That’s when you lock the door and throw away the key.

  2. The trend of guys retiring early due to the high demand on their body actually started years prior, it’s just more notable/shocking when it’s a franchise QB – See Patrick Willis, Chris Borland etc
    The game was better with Andrew in it, and he was a heck of a QB, tough as nails and anyone had to see at his presser how much it hurt and shamed him to walk away.
    Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened (lol).

  3. Sure is a bunch of talk about the possibility of him coming back. Highly doubt it, but never say never when people get the itch.

  4. Colts would not be in this QB quandary if they had just listened and invested in a good offensive line to protect Luck. Luck was one in a generation franchise player and they let Luck’s prime years go waste and spent rehabbing all sorts of injuries…

    Very rare nowadays to get almost back to back franchise QBs like Colts were with Peyton Manning and Andrew Luck…I do not blame Luck here… if anyone is to be blamed, it is Colts and their front office !!!

  5. The Colts deserve a good lengthy curse like the Red Sox and Cubs had, for how they moved on from Peyton too soon, and let Luck get his body broken by a bad O-line. I guess that’s why Manning always ran the offense from the shotgun.

  6. Thats how it works.
    You retire.
    Then a couple of years later you are “more retired”.
    He will be even more retired in another couple of years.

  7. Well the team most definitely in need of a new quarterback has no clear Avenue to get one at the top of the draft nor do they have the assets required to pull off an interdivisional trade for Deshaun Watson. I say the Buffalo Bills give them the assets they need to trade to the top of the draft or to go get Deshawn by sending them 1/3 round draft picks this year and another pick next year maybe a second-rounder for sure fire all Pro. With still a couple years left on his rookie deal. This would instantly improve Run game which in itself helps passing game with more play action which seem to get abandoned especially in the championship game and even further help Josh Allen’s development not having to run for his life and take 20-yard sack’s. I think this is an outside-the-box idea could actually work considering indianapolis’s quarterback situation. What do you guys think? Dawkins Nelson Feliciano Ford Williams. I also think the bills are very fortunate that we had a great year this year and that we have a team and culture that free agents will want to come play for. There is going to be a ton of talent available from teams having to cut talented players to get under the salary cap who will then be looking for 1 year deals on high exposure championship-caliber teams such as the bills let’s go all-in while Josh is on his rookie deal and who knows if those pictures then I’m going to do anything when you know what your Nelson’s going be wearing a gold jacket losing him for any would be tough but they need a quarterback for orders and still have a pretty stacked roster

  8. To those Colts fans who think the Colts let Andrew Luck down by not building an offensive line, perhaps you should look at the draft capital that they put out trying to build a better one. Not sure if you know this, but although they flubbed on a couple of guys, they sure as heck didn’t shy away from taking o-linemen with high draft choices while andrew was there. They (the colts) just chose some duds……

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