Mecole Hardman grateful to play two Super Bowls in first two years

Super Bowl LIV - San Francisco 49ers v Kansas City Chiefs
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Mecole Hardman is part of an exclusive club.

A Chiefs second-round pick in 2019, he’s played two pro seasons and now he’s been to two Super Bowls.

Hardman has some work to do to become a back-to-back Super Bowl champion. But he recognizes how the early stages of his career have probably made his mindset different than other young players.

“If anything, I think it messes it up because a lot of veterans always tell me, Don’t get used to this, bro,'” Hardman said Wednesday. “They told me this last year — first Super Bow in [your first] year, don’t get used to it. I went 10 years until my first Super Bowl.’ I was like, ‘Dang!’ It’s crazy.

“But I just think it’s more so just being grateful to [have] the opportunity to go to two Super Bowls, because there aren’t that many people who go to one Super Bowl. So it’s just being grateful for the opportunity and making the most of it. Enjoy it while it’s here. I hope I can go to two more.”