Peyton Manning launches Omaha Productions

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As many try to figure out what Peyton Manning will do in his post-playing career, here’s the hiding-in-plain-sight reality: He’s doing it.

Manning slowly but surely is building a portfolio of TV programming. Via Andrew Marchand of the New York Post, Manning has started Omaha Productions, named for his shotgun-formation catch phrase.

Among other things, Manning will produce programs for other big-name athletes based on his popular Peyton’s Places for ESPN+.

Peyton will next produce other big name athletes’ programs based on the show. He will continue doing another year of the NFL film-breakdown show “Detail” for ESPN+.

As recently noted, he has a deal with NBC to host a resurrected College Bowl, a quiz show for university students.

Marchand’s story contains an intriguing nugget regarding Archie Manning’s close encounter with a TV career. As it turns out, ESPN wanted Archie for NFL PrimeTime, the popular mid-’80s highlight show that became appointment viewing in the days before highlights became instantly available, during the games.

Archie passed on the opportunity. “With three little boys, I wanted my weekends at home,” Archie Manning told Marchand.

Peyton has yet to commit his own football-season weekends to TV. But he’s finding a way to get more and more involved in other types of programming.

Many still think that a network will make him an offer he can’t refuse, and that he’ll enter a prime-time broadcast booth. They’ve definitely offered him jobs. At some point, maybe he’ll accept.