Report: Eagles getting calls on Carson Wentz

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Here’s the latest [insert team name] is getting inquiries about a trade for [insert player name].

It’s news, but if’s not, that the Eagles are getting phone calls regarding quarterback Carson Wentz, as reported by NFL Media. This time of year, teams make and take calls about a wide range of players who are, who may be, and who aren’t available in trade.

The Eagles plan to eventually create a plan for the quarterback position. Wentz could be reinstalled as the starter. Jalen Hurts could be given the job. Or there could be a true and complete open competition (not the perfunctory “a core value is competition” thing that coach Nick Sirianni recently mentioned).

The Eagles could choose to trade Wentz if someone gives them an offer they won’t refuse. The Eagles also could choose to trade Hurts — and the Eagles undoubtedly have gotten calls about him, too. (It’s not known whether, in response, they listened or hung up the phone.)

A Wentz trade would wipe out $25.4 million in fully-guaranteed compensation from Philly’s book. A trade before March 19 would avoid another $15 million in full guarantees vesting. That’s $40.4 million that would be shifted to a new team.

A trade also would spark a dead-cap charge of $33.819 million, which is actually lower than the $34.67 million cap charge Wentz currently carries in 2021.

The Eagles have positioned Wentz as a player they want to keep. And maybe they do. If they don’t, acting like they do — while also making sure it’s publicly known that the phone is ringing — becomes the best way to get value for Wentz in lieu of giving up a second-round pick to unload Brock Osweiler (like the Texans did in 2017) or two first-round picks and a third-round pick both to get Matthew Stafford and to get rid of Jared Goff (like the Rams will do on March 17).

It’s possible if not likely that giving up Stafford gave the Lions a one and a three — and that taking Goff gave the Lions a second first-round pick. The Eagles, who seem to think Wentz can recover from a poor 2020, surely wouldn’t trade Wentz unless they get acceptable net value for him. However, they would avoid more than $40 million in guarantees by moving on now. There’s inherent value in that, regardless of what they’d get from Wentz’s new team.

If any real negotiations will happen (specifically with a team like the Colts), it’s important for both sides to keep that dynamic in mind. Indeed, if the Eagles eventually give up Wentz for something significantly less than what the Lions got for Stafford, the Eagles would be quick to point out that, in reality, this was a Goff trade in Stafford clothing.

53 responses to “Report: Eagles getting calls on Carson Wentz

  1. The Fritz Pollard Alliance demands to know why teams aren’t contacting the Eagles about acquiring a black player.

  2. I wonder if they’re all from an Indianapolis area code.

    Or if none of them are.

    Would be kind of crazy for the Eagles to end up without both Pederson and Wentz.

  3. buyer beware. he’s nowhere near as good as Stafford. He’s arguably not even as good as Goff

  4. Cant imagine any team wanting to take Wentz with THAT price tag and his less than stellar record…..

  5. Wentz performed poorly – why would a team take on his contract, be obligated to pay his guaranteed contract for TWO years and in addition give up a draft pick?

    The acquiring team would have to be desperate and think they could fix Wentz.
    The Eagles are in a bad cap situation, so maybe it makes sense to unload Wentz.
    But Hurts looks bad, so they may be in a bad situation.

  6. He’s not nearly tough enough mentally to make it in the NFL. When you get paid the way he was you need to roll up your sleeves, shut your mouth, and get to work.

  7. Given Wentz’s contract, the Eagles would have to send Wentz and their first-round pick to another team, in exchange for a stick of gum.

  8. The real news would be if the Eagles weren’t getting calls on Wentz. I think he’ll be back with the Eagles in 2021. If not, count on him having a monster year wherever he is traded.

  9. Indy is definitely calling. They are in a win now position, tons of cap space but don’t have a QB.
    Philly probably has to unload the Wentz contract, and really liked what the Lions just snagged. Eagles just trying to drive the price up. Why not?

  10. I’m chalking this up to a Pandemic season. Sure K.C. seems unaffected, as well as others, but let’s not digress too much. Wentz is a fine QB. He had an awful year, but the team had issues. Wentz also took a depleted team to the playoffs last year- and arguably could have won that game if he wasn’t concussed early. I wish him luck. I would like to see him train and compete with Jalen Hurts- whom has shown he can be a starter in this league.
    I hate to see him not recover from this and believe he that will. Really like both Eagles QBs for different reasons.
    So how does it play out? goodness gracious, Only Howie Knows.

  11. I have a pretty wild imagination but this one I cannot beleive. It has to his agent with a ‘kind of leak’ that someone is asking about Wentz. Who in the hell would want him. The teams in need of a QB all have high draft picks in the draft so they are out. The Colts have a back up who is just as good if not better then Wenz so they are out.
    The Raiders would not swap QB’s for this guy, there guy is better, not much but better. So just who is asking about him?

  12. The only reason it’s being reported as “not news” here now is because it wasnt reported here 1st otherwise there would be 30 articles.

  13. Cynical view: leaked by Eagles brass to create the impression of a bidding war. So if there really is a team out there with some lukewarm interest in Wentz (doubtful), this might get them to bid against themselves when making an offer.

  14. Teams realize Wentz has been brutalized behind a horrendous offensive line over the past two years,a underwhelming group of recievers, a limited head coach who refuses to run the rock ! Hes value is still sky high much more than Geoff or Stafford. Hes big , strong , smart and tough. Hurts is years away from Wentz value and ability at this point.
    In my opinion.

  15. Well, Ryan Pace still has a job, so perhaps they have gotten a call. He’s the one person that would trade something of value for Wentz.

  16. Remember when the big Eagles debate was Goff/Wentz or Wentz/Goff when Zeke, Ramsey, Bosa and Tyreek Hill were there for the taking? And how Howie mortgaged the future for a “franchise” player whose “value” now seems more speculative than Game Stop stock? Good times.

  17. they’re gonna do him dirty and trade him to WFT just like they did mcnabb after reid lying saying he wasn’t going anywhere. book it.

  18. It’s probably Jared Goff offering himself and every first round pick for the next ten years hoping to get out of Detroit

  19. Sure they are, this is all a ploy to see if they can find a sucker to take him off their hands, not going to work the league saw the film, some saw it live.

  20. Indy is the only destination that makes any sense because of his familiarity with the coaching staff. But I can’t imagine giving up anything better than a late second-rounder or maybe a conditional pick if he starts.

  21. ImaPayne says:
    February 4, 2021 at 4:14 pm
    The Colts have a back up who is just as good if not better then Wenz so they are out.
    Who is this backup you are referring to? If you’re thinking Jacoby, he’s a free agent.

  22. Bears. Because they’re stupid and desperate enough. Oh how fun would the look on Wentz’s face be learning he was traded to a team that has Nick Foles on it.

  23. Teams are calling to see if Wentz is available for a low ball offer. I’m guessing he’s not. Had Peterson been kept on as coach, I’d see this as a real possibility…but he wasn’t. The front office sided with Wentz and booted Peterson, so this is nothing more than the Eagles wanting to generate some press.

  24. Coaches are very egotistical, every coach in the league probably thinks he can fix Wentz. So, if Philly trades him, they will get a decent return.

  25. It was just Wentz calling the team’s main number to see if anyone had inquired about him.

  26. It’s just not going to happen with Philadelphia & Wentz & especially Wentz & a new coach. Time for a change & there’s nothing wrong with that. Especially if Philadelphia can snag some high-end picks & unload an expensive contract. I like Went being trading I think that’s the smart play. AFC only though. Indy makes the most sense but New England has the legit cap space but it’ll cost good picks & maybe a few players.

    This all of course depends if Jimmy G somehow becomes available. He would cost New England much much less.

  27. Take what you can get for him, get him gone.

    Either roll with Hurts, or take Wilson in the draft and keep Hurts anyways as backup/competition. Just please stay away from Fields, he is a red herring.

    Hurts was never the problem, except in Wentz’ mind.

  28. Nothing wrong with Wentz. Why would he be traded.
    Something very wrong with that terrible offensive line. He was sacked 50 times this year.
    Fix that Howie.

  29. I believe it. Teams are preparing for the draft. They look at the grades on all the QB’s in this crop, and they also look at all the QB’s grades that have come out the last 5 years or so that might be available. They watch tape, and then they start making calls. Based on all that, The Eagles will get some calls. There have been plenty of super bowl winning QB’s that didn’t win their Super Bowls with the teams that drafted them. Think of Steve Young, Brett Favre, Drew Brees, Jim Plunkett. Most of those guys didn’t play as well as Wentz has played, before they were traded away to their new teams.

  30. This sounds like the Eagles continuing to try to inflate Carson’s value around the league.

  31. If they are calling, it is to see if they can take on the contact for draft picks. Which for a team that can take on the money and get picks, along with a possible starter, is not bad. Doubt Philly would trade picks to dump Carson, given they fired a coach that won a SB to keep Wentz.

  32. Norseman says:
    February 4, 2021 at 3:54 pm

    Given Wentz’s contract, the Eagles would have to send Wentz and their first-round pick to another team, in exchange for a stick of gum.

    Yup, after seeing the Goff Stafford trade thats how a Wentz deal should go. The Eagles giving up a pick/s to unload Wentz and his salary. I cant see anyone giving up high value picks for Wentz.

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