Roger Goodell on minority head coach hiring: Not the outcomes we wanted

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In recent years, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell’s annual Super Bowl press conferences have featured questions about the lack of minority head coaches in the league and he faced that question again in this year’s edition.

This year’s hiring cycle saw the league double the number of minority head coaches with the Texans hiring David Culley and the Jets hiring Robert Saleh, but the lack of opportunities for others like Eric Bieniemy, Byron Leftwich, and Todd Bowles still drew a lot of attention.

On Thursday, Goodell said that he’s “not sure there’s an issue we spent more time working with our ownership on” and that the league’s owners are committed and focused to doing more.

“It wasn’t what we expected. It’s not what we expect going forward. We have to look at what went right and what went wrong. . . . They’re not the outcomes we wanted. We want it to be a natural process,” Goodell said.

While the head coaching hires were not what the league expected, Goodell noted that there were three Black General Managers hired and that there has been progress in increasing the diversity at the coordinator level. That should mean more candidates in the pipeline for the next hiring cycle and another chance for the league to get the results Goodell says they desire.

14 responses to “Roger Goodell on minority head coach hiring: Not the outcomes we wanted

  1. how many minority coaches need to be hired for thr nfl to be happy? seems you hear this every year about how theyre no “where they want to be”. nobody talks aboit how many minority coaches they want though

  2. I wonder what the goal is for minority coaches/GMs/owners. 50% of the league? More? Less? And what is the logic behind picking that number? I’ve never heard a “target” mentioned.

  3. Why should anyone care who is hired. No matter their race, creed, color or sex, sexual orientation. It should be the best person for the fit of the team doing the hiring.

  4. Well live with it. if Bieneimy didn’t have a rap covering over 10 yrs you might have had a better chance at what you wanted!!!!

  5. Hire the best person available regardless of color or race

    Mature & rational people will agree 100% on that.

  6. Bieniemy is not yet available, plus he has some ugly baggage. Good as he may be, whatever team brings him on-board will also be bringing in a PR nightmare. Leftwich is still really green, but he is an up-and-comer. I don’t expect it to be too long before some brave owner hands him the reigns of a mess of a team. Bowles already had a chance in recent memory. He needs some time and success at another level before teams will want to take a chance on him as a head coach again. The same is true of Anthony Lynn who is certainly talented enough but needs to get his focus back. We may later add Ken Norton Jr.’s name to the list of head coaching prospects if this year proves that last year’s defensive turn-around was no fluke.

  7. Owners have alot of money at stake…why would they hire a black coach or any coach who they don’t think they will win with and put more money in their pocket, just to hire a coach because he’s black….this is the dumbest topic…how bout joining the real world where a business hires the person they think is the best choice. Why do these people think they are entitled to a job just because they think so…

  8. As a person who would be labeled a “minority”, this is stupid. We don’t need a crutch to help us get a job. Just hire the best person available. Diversity doesn’t guarantee success.

  9. Youngnoize is very right. Everyone who gets coordinator or head coaching gigs does so, because he is part of some such coaching tree and knows people who know people. Just think of how many coaches in the league can trace their lineage back to Don Coryell or Bill Walsh. It’s like pre-capitalist European guilds where the only way to get into any profession was by being the apprentice of a master who was the apprentice of his master who was the apprentice of his master, and so on. You gotta get into the club somehow before you can do anything.

  10. So he’s admitting they don’t want “best man for the job” they just want as many minorities as possible.

  11. Is the goal outcomes or opportunities? If it’s outcomes then you have to mandate how many minorities hires must be made regardless of talent. I suspect what we are really after as a society is for people to have opportunities, then it’s up to them to succeed. What if minority coaches aren’t winning enough games? Should we also mandate that more of them win and not earn it?

  12. Hiring the best person regardless of race has not been happening. That’s why it’s an issue and that’s why we are where we are.

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