Brady unsure why his teams have scored only three points in Super Bowl first quarters

Super Bowl LIII - New England Patriots v Los Angeles Rams
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In Tom Brady‘s nine Super Bowls, the Patriots always got off to a slow start. He’s unsure why.

Asked about the Patriots scoring a grand total of three points in the first quarters of the nine Super Bowls he’s played in, Brady said he can’t explain it.

“I haven’t thought about that much,” Brady said. “You’d obviously love to get off to a fast start. Hard to explain why or why not that hasn’t happened. I’m sure they’re all a lot of individual things, why that’s happened or not.”

Given how well Brady has played in the other three quarters (and overtime) of Super Bowls, the first quarter scoring drought is more of a curiosity than a concern. Brady is shrugging it off.

10 responses to “Brady unsure why his teams have scored only three points in Super Bowl first quarters

  1. Belichick has always leaned on being conservative, and in Super Bowls you generally see a tentativeness early on as both sides feel each other out.

    I think the key to the Bucs winning this game is in trying to duplicate the Green Bay game. Come out swinging with the weapons you have on offense. The Chiefs are going to score points in this game. There is no doubt about that. This should be a heavyweight brawl with big punches. Both teams score in the 30’s

  2. Hahaha .. i know why. It’s because they come out playing fair and when they see it’s not going their way they pull out the cheats … I wouldn’t doubt if they have the other teams line of communication . Funny slow starts and last drive field goals in most of their Super Bowls.

  3. I feel like almost all Super Bowls are like that, with teams feeling each other out like boxers might in the early rounds. Also, the chances you’re playing one of, if not THE best defense you’ll see all year long is very likely as well in a Superbowl. Not only that, but you aren’t playing a division opponent or conference rival in the superbowl, you’re playing a totally new team outside your conference that you aren’t really familiar with.

  4. Brady usually throws interceptions in the first SB quarters then the defense makes a stand like against Seattle, Seahawks, Rams. He has the defense to bail him out this time around too but they will need to show it in the biggest game against a hot Chiefs offense.

  5. The Patriots won because they played as a team even if they lacked individual talent. The other team in the super bowl is going to have the supreme individual talent and be super hot. For the patriots to win everyone had to do their job to the point that they can mitigate the superior pass rusher who can rely purely on talent, for example. But it’s the super bowl, if there’s a time to get mentally shaken this is it and that hurts when you don’t have superior talent to fall back on. All it takes is that one olineman to mess up and Brady would get shaken if the offensive line is failing early on and throw a pick, get pressured and sacked to kill drives, take a safety. As the game went on the Patriots would usually fix those problems and players would play as a team and make the plays down the stretch, Brady included, to rise above the other team’s talent level to at least make it close. The Bucs could mess up especially since few of them have been in the super bowl but I think they’re a talented enough team that it shouldn’t be as much of a problem as it was when Brady was on the Patriots.

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