Chris Ballard on Carson Wentz chatter, QB search: No trade going down today

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Colts head coach Frank Reich used to be the Eagles’ offensive coordinator, so the Colts come up often when there’s talk about where Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz might go in a trade.

On Friday, Colts General Manager Chris Ballard was asked about that chatter during an appearance on The Dan Dakich Show. Tampering rules prohibit Ballard (and others around the league) from commenting directly on another team’s player and Ballard’s answer didn’t rule anything other than an imminent trade.

“We are exploring lots of options . . . I can tell you this, there’s no trade going down today,” Ballard said, via Kevin Bowen of 107.5 The Fan.

The Colts were reportedly in the bidding for Matthew Stafford before the Lions agreed to trade him to the Rams last weekend and Wentz may not be the only other trade option. The Colts could also go the draft route, although that might require them to move up from the No. 21 spot in the first round. Ballard said that anything they do won’t be borne of desperation.

“There’s a fine line between being aggressive and desperate. We are not going to operate in a desperate world,” Ballard said.

The Colts only have Jacob Eason under contract for 2021 at quarterback, so they will be making a move this offseason. The direction of that move remains under wraps for now.

11 responses to “Chris Ballard on Carson Wentz chatter, QB search: No trade going down today

  1. The downfall of Wentz directly coincided with Reich’s departure from Philly, so it makes sense for Ballard to explore this option. The good part for Indy or whoever acquires Wentz is his contract has an out after next season. The dead cap hit is $25m, which is why Philly isn’t going to get a huge return for Wentz.

  2. I don’t think Wentz would go to Chicago with Foles there. Unless the trade for Wentz included Foles as a throw in. That would be wild.

  3. I thought the Eagles got rid of Pederson because of his rift with Wentz? Why would they trade Wentz now? It sure doesn’t help them financially to trade him. Wentz is a different commodity than Stafford or Watson. I’m sure there’s a market for him, but not a market that will help Philly a great deal.

  4. There will be riots in the streets if the Bears trade for Wentz. They would be better off keeping Trubisky if that’s their strategy.

  5. This deal makes too much sense not to happen
    Especially with Stafford already moved.

  6. Wentz has high value around the league because teams know he was the victim of inept coaching and the a high school offensive line. Reich will return the kid to his former mvp status if the colts are willing to meet the birds needs

  7. We are willing to trade Derek Carr to Indy or to Chicago! Please take him off our hands.

  8. The Eagles will be the team eating the dead money, so any team acquiring him will get him at around 25M with a team option next year that would cost them $0. So the Eagles are going to want at MINIMUM a 1st, a 2nd and 3rd/4th in return. Probably will insist on 2 1sts & a 3rd, since the Colts are drafting 21st. Maybe the Eagles add Ertz for more compensation.

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