Demario Davis wants Drew Brees to come back

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Regarding the question of whether Saints quarterback Drew Brees will retire, G.M. Mickey Loomis has made it clear that the team will wait for Brees to make a decision. However, there has been no sense from the team that the Saints are clamoring for Brees to come back.

One member of the Saints is. Linebacker Demario Davis wants Brees to return in 2021.

I hope so,” Davis said on NFL Network. “I sure hope so. I would feel much better if I could guarantee that he was. But I guess the only way I could be able to guarantee [a comeback] was if one of y’all said something reckless, like, ‘He’s finished,’ or something, then I could guarantee he’s coming back. But I sure hope so.”

Davis is the only member of the organization to speak in such public and hopeful terms. Quite possibly, everyone else realizes that it doesn’t matter. At this point, most believe Brees will move on — even if someone says something reckless like, “He’s finished.”

Whether Brees is indeed finished should be known soon. Coach Sean Payton told PFT Live recently that they anticipate hearing something from Brees within the next week or so.

In the unlikely event that Brees stays, here’s something to consider: His $25 million salary for 2021 would drive his cap number to $36.15 million. Coupled with Taysom Hill‘s cap number of $16.159 million, the Saints would have more than $52 million in cap dollars devoted to a pair of quarterbacks.

25 responses to “Demario Davis wants Drew Brees to come back

  1. Sounds like Demario has a case of Stockholm Syndrome. Brees’ salary cap number continues to hold the New Orleans team hostage.

  2. It’s become unfortunately popular among the public to kick and demean great players & coaches on their way out of their careers and as they decline, even though decline is natural and inevitable.

    But I think Davis knows what every rational viewer knows, which is that Brees is still a contender and that the team is a contender as long as he’s on it. Whether he’s still what he once was doesn’t change that.

    They may continue to be contenders without him. Maybe whomever they put in his place lives up to the challenge. But with Brees it’s a sure thing. And every other player on the team has their career prospects change when the QB changes.

  3. Brees has played long enough, and any more hits might jeopardize his long term health. Maybe his kids want him to play ball with them, not push him around in a wheelchair. I’d love to see Brees continue playing, but I’m not selfish enough to ask him to take those risks. Guys over 40 shouldn’t be playing NFL football. It’s tough enough on 20 and 30 year olds.

  4. Brees looked old and done in several games last year. At some point, just go sit on the back patio or go into the broadcast booth.

  5. An efficient Drew Brees is fun to watch, but a Drew Brees that sees a guy streaking 20 yards downfield then hesitates and checks it to Thomas on a 5 yard slant is a “finished” one. I said it Demario.

  6. Call it a day Drew. You have nothing else to prove. Your a first ballot hall of fame inductee and you only get one body and you don’t want to end up being a beaten down old man because you tried to extend your career a few extra years. You have a ton of bank and I would just ride off into the sunset with my head held high if I were you. You literally have nothing left to prove.

  7. What I would do if I were Brees is, retire, eliminate the cap hit to the Saints as much as possible, get the shoulder fixed and 100% rehabbed, along with the rehab for the plantar fascitis, take an entire year to build up the body, then Un-retire…that would give Winston a year at the helm, if it isnt working, they can let go…

  8. The Brees we saw at the end of last year was definitely not a sure thing. His arm is shot and I suspect he knows it.

  9. He sure has had some tough season-ending playoff losses the last 3 years — and with talented teams. I bet its tough to bow out after season endings like those. Its not like the delay is preventing the Saints from moving ahead — unless they wanted to get into the Stafford sweepstakes.

  10. I think Drew’s arm already made the decision. I would love to see him come back and win one more but I think Father Time has made the call.

  11. People have already forgotten the incredible list of injuries Brees played through at the end of the 2020 season and in the playoffs…11 rib fractures and a punctured lung, torn rotator cuff, plantar fascitis …that is a lot to overcome, just from a pain standpoint, let alone physical performance. Most people would have been in the hospital, Brees was playing QB in the NFL

  12. 4 division titles in a row and they couldn’t make it to the Super Bowl. Amazing. The Saints are done. The cap won’t allow them to field a competitive team next season. 6-10 at best. 4-12 if they choose idiot Jameis as their QB.

  13. Yeah, he’s finished and should announce his retirement. Returning would set this team back another couple of years. They have proven they can win without him. He has proven that he cannot push this team to the Super Bowl with stellar QB play leading up to it. His mistakes along with his inability to throw deep has cost this team the last three years. Even in the NFCCG against the Rams, the decision to check out of the run and throw at Thomas’ feet instead of between the numbers is what really cost them that game. Yeah, the no-call was a major factor but that came after the inexplicable incompletion. This year, the Saints were definitely the better team but he simply couldn’t throw past 20 yards. And when you have to resort to bringing players off the bench to complete passes of 40+ yards, it’s definitely time to move on….

  14. While the missed calls, missed tackles missed field goals and fumbles among other things led to the Saints playoff losses over the last four seasons, Brees’ turnovers played a big part in all four of those losses. He’s done great things, but there is a time you have to just cut the cord….

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