Devin McCourty on Matthew Stafford: Go wherever makes you happy

New England Patriots v Detroit Lions
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After word broke that the Lions had agreed to trade quarterback Matthew Stafford to the Rams, there was a report indicating Stafford told the Lions he was willing to play anywhere but New England.

There were no specific reasons given for that stance, but former Patriots Tedy Bruschi thinks it is because Stafford’s “not tough enough” to play for the team. A current member of the Patriots had a different reaction to the news.

Safety Devin McCourty said he doesn’t know Stafford or what’s in his head, but noted that playing for Matt Patricia in Detroit might have played a role in the quarterback’s thought process. Whatever the feeling might be based on, McCourty said he’s all for players using power to determine where they go if they have it.

“I don’t know. But if it’s true that he didn’t want to be there, that’s up to him and that’s his decision,” McCourty said on The DA Show. “I don’t knock guys for that. I think as players if you have some power and you can make a decision on where you should go, you should do that. You should empower yourself to use your platform, use your skillset to get where you want because honestly in our league no team cares about a player that much. It is all about how you can help us win. If you can’t help us win, ‘good riddance, we’re going to move on without you.’ So, I am all about if Matt Stafford didn’t want to be in New England, go wherever it makes you happy.”

McCourty added that the Patriots “should make him feel it” if they play Stafford down the road. If he stays with the Rams, that will have to wait for 2024 or the two teams will have to face off in another Super Bowl.

11 responses to “Devin McCourty on Matthew Stafford: Go wherever makes you happy

  1. Stafford doesn’t want to play for a team that values a strange guy that carries a pencil around on his ear without ever using it and who failed him at every turn. With a roster that can’t win now as he gets older, coming from a team that could never win. I am going to step on a limb and agree with Stafford on this one.

  2. Gotta love Devin McCourty.
    The free movement of people renting out their services maximizes the performance of the economy.
    And, he is a heck of a player, too.

  3. Quick question: How many of the people who think Stafford never had enough talent around him to win in Detroit think Calvin Johnson should go into the HOF on the first ballot?

  4. McCourty is always well spoken and logical in his thoughts and statements.

    Great guy and great player, one of my favorite Patriots.

  5. A guy like Stafford—who has never won a thing—should knock down the door to be in the New England organization and see what it’s like to expect to win. To plan better. To execute better. Everyone who goes through there announces that they never knew that the Patriots prepare and learn at this level, and while they may not have had as much “fun” (give me a break with this played-out notion), it was the best and most productive part of their careers. Danny Amendola won 2 rings with the Pats. He won none before and will win none after. Don’t tell me that wasn’t “fun”.

    That Stafdord didn’t want to take on that challenge and become the best he could be with a great organization tells me everything I need to know about the guy.

  6. One thing Teddy should have realized is that it was Tom Curran, a guy who covers the Patriots, that reported Stafford didn’t want to go to the Patriots. I doubt Stafford told Curran that himself nor is there any evidence that Stafford said it publicly.

  7. NE has no weapons. I am pretty sure he wasn’t going to go to other teams. They are just one of the ones asking he turned down. Pats are about 2 years away from competing.

  8. Lions fan here. It’s 100% due to Patricia being there . Either that or some of the 15 ex patriot players advised him it was all brady and sorry matt but you aren’t Brady. Just because the Rams think you are doesn’t make it real

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