Frank Gore would love to play for 49ers again

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Running back Frank Gore said at the end of the regular season that he wasn’t sure whether he would return for a 17th year in the NFL, but it seems there’s at least one thing that would make up his mind for him.

Gore was a guest on 95.7 The Game Friday and was asked about the prospect of returning to the 49ers for the 2021 season. Gore was a 49ers 2005 third-round pick and ran for 11,073 of his 16,000 career yards while with the team. He’s set for free agency after playing for the Jets in 2020.

Gore said he thinks highly of 49ers CEO Jed York and head coach Kyle Shanahan and suggested he’d sign up for a return to the team if the interest exists on the other side.

“Oh, oh, I’d come back fast,” Gore said. “Man, I’d love to wear that No. 21 jersey one more time. If that was to happen, that would definitely be my last year, if I could come back and sign with the 49ers. I respect Jed, I respect the York family, I respect Kyle, I feel like one of the best play callers in the game right now . . . You gotta tell Jed and Kyle, just bring me back.”

Tevin Coleman and Jerick McKinnon are set for free agency, so the 49ers have Raheem Mostert and Jeff Wilson set for the roster as they head into the offseason.

10 responses to “Frank Gore would love to play for 49ers again

  1. My brother and I went nuts when Frankyboy ran in that TD against the Ravens in the Super Bowl. I wanted him to win it.

  2. At age 38, if the 49ers need to get a yard, Gore will get them 2. If the 49ers need four, five or six yards, Gore will get them 2.

  3. Gore should come back to Indianapolis and backup Taylor. That would be the best scenario for him.

  4. Frank gore playing rb at his age is frankly the most insane thing we’ve seen.

    If he gets a fairwell tour it would be nice to see.

  5. If the 49ers were a prime contender for next year’s SB, playing one more year might make sense. Otherwise it might be best to do a one day sign and retire.

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