Henry Ruggs: I was disappointed in the season that I had

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Raiders General Manager Mike Mayock generated a headline last week when he said he was “disappointed in the productivity of our rookies.”

One of those rookies tends to agree with him.

In an interview with NFL Network on Thursday, wide receiver Henry Ruggs said Mayock didn’t say anything he wouldn’t have said about himself.

“I was disappointed in the season that I had, personally,” Ruggs said. “And he said he was disappointed in the production that we had as a class. So I feel like we’re kind of on the same page. I have to get better at some things — I mean, we have to get better at some things, not only as a class but as a team. And we will get better at those things.”

Ruggs had only 26 receptions for 452 yards with a pair of touchdowns. He also took nine carries for 49 yards and had a pair of fumbles.

It’s worth noting, however, that Mayock singled out Ruggs to say he wasn’t disappointed in the wide receiver.

“We knew how fast he is, but he’s got to get stronger and he’s got to get in and out of his breaks better,” Mayock said in his interview with the team website. “You’ve got to feel him coming out of his breaks more for him to get to the next level. And I think he will. But we’ve got a long-term view on Henry Ruggs.”

16 responses to “Henry Ruggs: I was disappointed in the season that I had

  1. I am still mind blown the raiders took ruggs as the first WR drafted. Dude never even got 800 yards in college. Heck his teamate Jerry Jeudy had like double his yards with 1300 and 1100 his last two seasons. than you had cee cee lamb and justin jefferson who had 1300 yds and 1500 yds respectively their last year

    Same thing happened when pats took Don’t michel before his college teamate nick chubb. It’s like there is a reason george gave him more than double the carries and he had so many more yards etc.. ypc was skewed because michel was the change of pace guy and his speed plays different in college vs nfl

  2. Brandon Aiyuk and Justin Jefferson could have been had at later picks.

    CeeDee Lamb as well although not very high on him.

    I still think Aiyuk might come out as the class of the group eventually.

  3. He found out that NFL DB’s are a little better than all those freshmen db’s in college just off the high school campus.

  4. Ruggs is fine as a player but he’s playing in an offense where the OC doesn’t want to throw down the field & the QB doesn’t extend plays well. Someone is gonna get a nice weapon in 4 years for cheap.

  5. Mayock should be more disappointed in his selection than Henry Ruggs’ play. It’s not Ruggs’ fault you chose him first when he was just not as skilled as Ceedee Lamb. Lamb should have been our pick, Lamb even was rocking Raiders gear at Oklahoma. We got nothing out of this draft class. Arnette and Ruggs were questioned as reaches. Edwards was a solid pick. Muse didn’t even make the team, he’s not an NFL player. And then they dumped Bowden before he even came into camp basically. And Robertson was limited because Joyner and Lawson buried him in the slot depth chart.

  6. Raiders were 8-5 with Ruggs in the lineup, scoring 28.6 PPG. They were 0-3 without him, scoring 23.3 PPG.

    He injured his knee against Carolina week 1 and couldn’t cut properly all season as a result. He underperformed, no doubt, but it isn’t all bad news. His speed opened it up for others and the stats say his presence was worth 5 points per game.

  7. Will stipulate that Mr. Ruggs didn’t provide the ‘bang 4 the buck’ results that LV fans have been craving; it occurs to me that the late, great Clifford Branch didn’t exactly burn up the league as a first-year wide-out either, with most critics using the “c’mon, he’s just another track guy” line.

    #21 turned out to be worth waiting for. MAYBE, Ruggs will as well.

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