Jon Gruden: I think our defense will really benefit from Gus Bradley’s experience

Los Angeles Chargers v Jacksonville Jaguars
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The Raiders have several young defensive players who need to improve for the team to become competitive.

Head coach Jon Gruden believes his new defensive coordinator Gus Bradley is just the man for the job.

In an interview with the team’s website, Gruden touted Bradley’s experience developing the early iterations of Pete Carroll’s defense in Seattle as one reason why he’s excited for 2021.

“He is the founder of the Legion of Boom,” Gruden said. “Richard Sherman wasn’t a first-round draft choice. Kam Chancellor was not a first-round draft choice. Neither was Bobby Wagner or K.J. Wright. He’s been a big part of developing young players. And the thing I’m most excited about is it’s not just Gus Bradley. Richard Smith, the linebackers coach, Ron Milus, the secondary coach — even their assistant secondary coach and quality control man are here.

“This group of men have been problem solving together for four years, five years together. And they’ve done it in the AFC West against some really good quarterbacks. So he’s a great teacher. I think our defense is going to really benefit from his energy and his experience. It’s going to be fun.”

Bradley was the Seahawks’ defensive coordinator from 2009-2012, beginning his tenure under Jim Mora Jr. before Carroll retained him in 2010. Prior to that, he was Gruden’s linebackers coach in Tampa Bay.

But after this week, Gruden might be better off keeping mum on Sherman until the cornerback officially becomes a free agent in March.

14 responses to “Jon Gruden: I think our defense will really benefit from Gus Bradley’s experience

  1. Funny he mentioned Richard Sherman based on his earlier conversation this week, with Sherman.

  2. 4 straight weeks this year the Chargers had 16 point leads and they LOST all 4 games. That kind of experience?

  3. All those guys were crazy talented too. We need to be able to draft those players. Mayock has had 2 drafts and Gruden has had influence in 3 drafts and Mayock just said we have no impact defenders. That sounds more like you’re not picking the right players than the coaches not being able to coach these guys up. All players can improve with good coaching but you gotta pick the guys with the most physical talent to be able to get it out of them. Stop just picking Clemson guys on defense.

  4. This schmuck needs to shut up and start learning how to coach!!! 10 million a season for a talking head and no results!! What a sham raiders are !!!

  5. Ha, he’s touting how those guys were not first round draft picks without mentioning how they were all suspended for performance enhancers right at the beginning of their careers. The PEDhawks and Cheathawks were common nicknames at that time.

  6. The Raiders have not had a good MLB since Greg Biekert. They had a chance to draft a generational MLB talent in the 2019 NFL Draft in the form of LSU star Devin White. Instead the Raiders brass selected Clelin Ferrell with the 4th overall pick. Anyone who put the tape on White could see his sideline to sideline prowess was off the charts. Couple this with the best closing speed to the ball I’ve seen in a very long time. He’s a sure tackler with a pit bull mentality and a thoroughbred pedigree. He was my most sure fire pick in that draft. I must say when the Raiders selected Ferrell. I was not only shocked and in dismay, I was actually, furious. As a lifelong Raider fan, I’m still disappointed that they did not select White. It’s pretty clear that Gruden and Mayock have a lot of questions to answer for that move as well as the 2020 NFL Draft. Don’t expect Gus Bradley to fix this mess right away. The Raiders are devoid of overall talent on the defensive side of the ball and are lacking in depth. It would be quite a shock to me, if Bradley could get these guys to be a Top 15 defense. If he can, then he should be up for Defensive Coordinator of the Year Award, if they even have one.

  7. nfl4dummies says:
    February 5, 2021 at 4:10 pm
    4 straight weeks this year the Chargers had 16 point leads and they LOST all 4 games. That kind of experience?”

    The Chargers got worse officiating in the 4th quarter than the Raiders and just as bad coaching I don’t know how much of that is on the d coach and how much is on is on Lynn. The Tampa Bay game was especially attrocious.

    Defense isn’t allowed in this league anymore unless your team is in the North East where they still value that kind of thing.

    We need a d that pressures the qb and causes turnovers, that is it. Everything else should be focused on the offense. We need a red zone receiver and a road grading guard that can get us those last 2 yards every time.

    Make the other team feel like they need to score every time they have the ball so turn it over.

  8. Gruden will say and do whatever he wants! I love how these loser haters and the writers on this page can’t take Gruden’s package out of their mouths. none of them will ever be as successful in life like Gruden is, so keep on hating on a multi-millionaire and Super Bowl Champion because you all look like clowns doing it

  9. I can hear Gruden now Mark Davis: Who you going to hire to run the defense? Gus Bradley? John Gruden: That guy, Gus Bradley is a heck of defensive coordinator.

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