Ryan Fitzpatrick believes Tua Tagovailoa will be much better in second season with Dolphins

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While Tua Tagovailoa‘s rookie year with the Miami Dolphins wasn’t as encouraging as same other top draft picks from last year’s class, fellow quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick is bullish on what Tagovailoa will be able to bring to the table in 2021.

According to Cameron Wolfe of ESPN.com, Fitzpatrick said that he believes Tagovailoa is much better situated for his second season with the Dolphins.

Everything is going to be a little more comfortable this year,” Fitzpatrick said. “Playing in the league is going to be a little more familiar, your routine through the week and on road games. He’s no longer trying to figure out where the grocery store is, where he’s going to live or what car he’s going to drive. All that stuff is figured out. He can solely focus on being an NFL QB.

“To have an offseason, to have repetitions, to have some sense of continuity with [co-offensive coordinators] George Godsey and Eric Studesville in his ear calling the plays and working with him. All that stuff points to him having a much better season this year and continuing to progress as a quarterback. That’s the most important thing for him — progression.

“They drafted him in the top five for a reason, with his skill set and what he can do. There are very few people on this planet who can do that. For them to be fully bought in and believe in him, he’s going to do the same thing. He’s going to buy into what they’re coaching, and I think good results are going to come from it.”

Fitzpatrick began the season as the Dolphins starter as Tagovailoa continued to work back from last year’s hip injury at Alabama. Tagovailoa eventually took over as the starter in October with Fitzpatrick continuing to play at times through the rest of the season. In 10 games with nine starts, Tagovailoa completed 64.1 percent of his passes for 1,814 yards with 11 touchdowns and five interceptions.

Tagovailoa’s production lagged behind that of top pick Joe Burrow with the Cincinnati Bengals and the stellar rookie campaign from Justin Herbert with the Los Angeles Chargers. But Tagovailoa was highly productive during his time at Alabama and would seemingly have room to improve another year removed from his injury and with a full offseason to prepare for the starting job in Miami.

In anything that goes around, I can control what I can control,” Tagovailoa said. “My focus is just trying to get better with this Year 1 to Year 2 jump, and trying to be the best version of me that I can be for the Miami Dolphins.”

14 responses to “Ryan Fitzpatrick believes Tua Tagovailoa will be much better in second season with Dolphins

  1. Looking forward to seeing Tua light it up this next season and close the mouths of all the ones doubting him.

  2. Fitz is a classy guy. You can tell he likes Tua as a person too. But he’s right, Tua is talented and hard working. He showed some flashes of what he can be. Didn’t help that most of his targets got injured. I think Trading him would be foolish if you can’t get Watson, or move up to get Lawrence. I think Trey Lance has upside for a team with a decent QB he could sit behind for a year. But other than those 2 in the draft, would be risking drafting a QB with less potential than Tua. Stay the course Miami.

  3. If Grier does his job and surround him with offensive talent, I have no doubt he will be better this year than last and will take the Phins to at least one playoff game in year 2 of the rebuild.

  4. I watched this guy a lot this season and came away with the conclusion that he’ll be a solid QB in this league, but that’s the ceiling. Nothing wrong with that, but he’s not marching the Dolphins to deep playoff runs and potential Super Bowl berths.

  5. It depends on what the Dolphins do in the draft. They may be able to draft a good QB prospect and let them compete, or even trade Rya because he didn’t look that good. I’m not saying he is a bust just that he didn’t look that good, and maybe they can trade him for a lot and draft another quarterback.

  6. Maybe a offensive coordinator that is under 80 and up on the game or having 1 offensive coordinator instead of 2 will help him grow. But this kid is with a team/system that is guaranteed to make him fail. Flores has done ok in a lot of areas with this team except the offensive coordinator position, it’s a train wreck. He has been making the wrong decision for each of the last 3 years!

  7. Josh Rosen had a much higher ceiling than Tua. Tua seems like a great kid but that hip he has is damaged and will never give him the strength needed to complete nfl throws. Sure Tua might look decent going from week to week against mediocre teams but Tua is not physically gifted in any department and the playoffs are not for people with limited abilities like Tua. Miami fans will take roughly 4-6 years to realize this being that they are now on qb number 19 since Marino.

  8. Miami made a huge mistake drafting pass blocking offensive linemen. Tua is going to be a play action quarterback that needs road graders setting up the run,and pulling to run schemes. We drafted big tall pass protectors that can’t move. No one will be worried about the run.

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