Someone dropped $300 on the Chris Simms Memorial Cannon Hole bet

Atlanta Falcons v Tampa Bay Buccaneers
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With the Super Bowl being played in Tampa, we’ve spent some time recently giving Simms a hard time about his contention that, after scoring a touchdown in a 2005 playoff game in Tampa, he threw the football into a cannon porthole. The bit extended to asking PointsBet to create a prop bet based on the feat.

They did. If someone throws a football into a cannon porthole as part of a celebration during the Super Bowl, it pays +5000.

Here’s the kicker: Someone actually placed that bet. The $300 wager would pay $15,000 if it happens.

Maybe the bettor has some inside information about celebrations plans. Even so, it won’t be easy to do it — especially if the touchdown happens in the end zone that doesn’t have a pirate ship.