Travis Kelce: I think we’re as ready as we’ve ever been this week

Divisional Round - Cleveland Browns v Kansas City Chiefs
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Chiefs head coach Andy Reid’s teams are famously good coming off a bye week.

His teams are now 19-3 in the regular season after a week off, and 6-2 in the postseason following a first-round bye.

Of course, the club also won Super Bowl LIV last year in Reid’s second big-game appearance as a head coach.

Tight end Travis Kelce was asked about that success on Thursday and said it has to do with Reid’s attitude toward preparation.

“I think what he does best as a leader, as a coach is he challenges the guys to meet expectations. We’ve had the full game plan in for the past two weeks and we’ve been able to get after it in practice,” Kelce said. “He’s very aware it’s Week 20, Week 21, whatever you want to call it, and a lot of guys are banged up. But at the end of the day, we have to get our work in. So it’s a little bit of trust between both sides and making sure that the’s going to keep us fresh.

“But I think just going into a bye week before the actual game, coach Reid does a great job of just challenging us to make sure we don’t miss a day, we don’t miss a snap, we don’t miss a rep. And sure enough, I think we’re as ready as we’ve ever been this week.”

We’ll see if the extra week of prep leads to a fast start on Sunday.

7 responses to “Travis Kelce: I think we’re as ready as we’ve ever been this week

  1. The difference in the Super Bowl will be the addition of standout defensive tackle Vita Vea to the Bucs (he didn’t play in the earlier Bucs-Chiefs game this season) and the subtraction of standout offensive left tackle Eric Fisher from the Chiefs, who is injured and will not play on Sunday.

  2. The Bucs won 6 straight after their bye-week, which includes knocking off #2 Brees/Saints and #1 Rodgers/Packers in the Playoffs.

    Now they will FINISH their quest by knocking off #1 = Best of the AFC

    Go TampaBrady

  3. The chiefs have lost one game in over the year ( if you exclude when the rested the starters) They already beat Tampa, the Saints, the Ravens, the Bills twice etc. So let’s play the game before you tell us how great the Bucs are going to do based on their previous opponents

  4. Everyone believes they match up well against the Chiefs, until they line up. Sorry but when do we start coming up with a “greatest show on turf” type saying for these guys? The past few years have been ridiculous. The 1 game we legit lost this year we still scored 32 points

  5. To paraphrase Mike Tyson, every body is ready until they get punched in the mouth. That Bucs defense was hitting so hard during that Green Bay game and now they are playing at home.

  6. The Chiefs have been playing with backup offensive lineman all season. Fisher hurts. Mahomes faced six free rushers from the bills last week and took zero sacks. He finds a way. He always finds a way.

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