Britt Reid won’t be going to Tampa with the Chiefs

Kansas City Chiefs v Pittsburgh Steelers
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Chiefs assistant coach Britt Reid, the son of Chiefs head coach Andy Reid, will not be traveling to Tampa Bay for Super Bowl LV. According to the team, Britt Reid will remain in Kansas City.

Britt Reid was involved in a Thursday night car crash that injured two children, one seriously. He admitted to having two or three drinks.

Reid struck two cars that had pulled over. One car had run out of gas, and the driver of the other car stopped to provide assistance.

“The organization has been made aware of a multi-vehicle accident involving outside linebackers coach Britt Reid,” the team said in a statement issued on Friday. “We are in the process of gathering information, and we will have no further comment at this time. Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone involved.”

Britt Reid joined the Chiefs in 2013, the year his father became the head coach. Britt Reid served as quality control coach for two years (2013-14), assistant defensive line coach (2015), and defensive line coach (2016-18). Britt Reid became the outside linebackers coach in 2019.

46 responses to “Britt Reid won’t be going to Tampa with the Chiefs

  1. Good. Now fire him with no benefits. Let Dad bail him out again. No more NFL for you. Bridge burnt and washed away.

  2. Probably making a nice mid 6 figure salary and gets behind the wheel impaired instead of getting an Uber. Sure it was only 2-3 drinks. Thankfully he didn’t kill anyone.

  3. The Chiefs don’t want to answer questions about him.
    Please keep writing about it, however unpleasant!

    It is more important than a football game.

  4. andy’s kids have been nothing but trouble, too bad for him. hard fact is that having children is a crap shoot some are life-long pride and joy, and some are pain and sorrow.

  5. The Chiefs owner needs to step in and tell Andy that his son needs to go and can only ever come back if he completes some sort of substance abuse program and only remain with the club if he passes weekly sobriety and drug tests.

  6. This is a post that shouldn’t allow comments because they won’t be positive. I’ll stop there and just send prayers to the kids.

  7. Hoping most of all the kids recover completely. As for Britt, first step is to apologise to the family and do whatever it takes to make things right. Also, STOP drinking, period. The next time this happens, your irresponsible sense of entitlement and selfishness could kill someone. So for your sake, and the sake of others, hopefully there won’t be a next time. GET HELP.

  8. I don’t smell of alcohol and have bloodshot eyes after 2-3 drinks. Maybe he’s never touched the stuff…(eyeroll)…

  9. He is in KC because he is probably cleaning out his desk. Maybe he gets another chance in a year or two, but not now. There will be lawsuits filed against Britt, the Chiefs, the bar and waiter serving him….everyone involved. Chiefs have to let him go.

  10. Good, now is he in jail where he belongs? Gathering info and thoughts and prayers dont do anything.

  11. Grounded, sit in your room and think about what you have done young man!
    Seriously, sit there until they come take you away to the big house

  12. Britt Reid has multiple DUIs. Now, two children are in the hospital, with one of them being critical.

    2-3 drinks? That is laughable. Reid is an alcoholic. He probably had more than 10 drinks.

    Britt Reid needs to spend time behind bars. I pray that the children will be OK.

  13. Wonder if this would have happened if the Chiefs had been in Tampa during the week?
    Seems that staying home until the last minute didn’t do them any good.

  14. This guy has been in trouble before I thought Reid had sons who were involved in drugs. I pray this young child recovers from the life threatening injuries

  15. The Reid sons have had multiple drug problems. Since this Reid admits to drinking and driving after all his past drug issues, this should be an ender. A former addict should NOT be drinking – 2 or 3 drinks – and then driving with kids in the car. That is just irresponsible. He has had multiple chances.

  16. There are some people in life who get chance after chance and blow every one of them. Here is a perfect example. I hope that the kids that he injured will be okay. I also hope that his father does not help him in any way this time. At age 35,you are a grown man. Face the music on your own. I feel bad for Andy Reid. He’s a great guy and probably a great father. Sometimes your kids just keep breaking your heart.

  17. Andy is a terrific football coach but has failed as a father. Bailing his junkie sons out repeatedly of the mess they make.

  18. People praise Andy Reid way too much. Arians is breaking barriers hiring a diverse coaching staff. Reid keeps his under qualified kid on staff as LB coach. No wonder that Run D is terrible.

  19. Is there any NFL HC’s that didn’t put their sons on the staff? I found it pathetic… How are they the most qualified? There really should be a rule against it.

  20. Look at the history. Andy Reid is a fantastic coach, motivator and role model to athletes. His method of “ fathering “ is his business. Britt Reid is a adult. This guy now needs, since he did not accept his responsibility, he must do some hard time. For everyones sake.

  21. Chiefs fan here. He forgot to take life one day at a time. He had been clean and sober for several years.

    But now his costly mistake has put children at risk and has ruined his career. Once he’s out of the hospital I hope he enjoys jail.

    No more chances!

  22. jan00 says:

    Is there any NFL HC’s that didn’t put their sons on the staff?
    Part of the perk of coaching…from peewee and little league to the pros is to devote more time to your children. And yes they will get more playing time and team opprotunities no matter what age. Its part of the job and nothing wrong with that whatsoever.

  23. Prayers and well wishes to these unfortunate individuals involved. As far as the chiefs are concerned, they should issue this guy his walking papers as though he was any other employee. If they don’t they’ll be sending a very biased message to everyone involved !!! Now his dad is another story, HE should make assurances this young man gets the help he needs. It shouldn’t be up to the league and the chiefs to get this guy help he needs.

  24. If this was Dallas, he’d still be coaching in the Super Bowl to “get all the facts first” and then coincidentally suspended right after the game. Dallas homers would be whining about pressured innocent until proven guilty. Then again, in Texas, he can legally claim Affluenza as a get out of jail card since he’s rich and is in football

  25. Andy is a terrific football coach but has failed as a father
    i don’t know, understandably harsh but I’ve known loving parents who were wonderful people, always set a good example, spent time with their kids – and the kids you just don’t want anything to do with. A lot more human behavior is genetic than commonly recognized and even great bird dogs produce duds.

  26. The Kansas City organization has a long history of tolerating bad behavior and looking the other way until it becomes too late. Tyreek Hill has physically abused his children but no action from the Chiefs. Kareem Hunt abused women, Kansas City kept looking the other way until it happened again and they finally cut him. Travis Kelce has a history of bad behavior but the Chiefs don’t care. And now we have Britt Reid with multiple driving under the influence occasions and the Chiefs look the other way; and now that he has critically injured children he still remains on the Chiefs payroll.

  27. Whether or not the dude has a drinking problem, addiction or whatever else. He is a grown man and should have the common sense to know he shouldn’t have even one drink and drive afterwards. He did a lot of damage and hurt children. For everyone, If you are going to drink or get high, don’t drive. There are taxis and car services you can use. Look at the trouble Reid is now facing. No one should ever have to go through that. Not to mention the kids are going to have to recover and will probably never forget the incident.

  28. This dude has also been arrested for brandishing a fire arm and pointing it at another driver, arrested for drugs and paraphernalia, and was likely obliterated when he slammed into a couple of pulled over cars on interstate. He should go to prison.

  29. He should have been arrested on the spot. Police performed a field sobriety test in which he “seemed impaired.” Reid admitted to having 2-3 drinks PLUS Adderall, He reeked of alcohol and his eyes were bloodshot. Any one of us nobodies would be sitting in jail right now,but he is the son of a famous NFL coach,so he goes free while they “gather more information.” On top of all that,a 5 year-old is in critical condition because of him. What more information do they need??? The rich and famous buck the system again. They have a different set of rules than we do. Look up the Dodge Ram vehicle he was driving and picture it slamming into the much smaller Chevy Traverse. it had to be a gruesome scene.

  30. Given his history, he’ll probably just start driving over to the game during half time.

  31. Multiple DUI’s and convictions
    Drubs and drug paraphernalia
    Road Rage and brandishing a gun
    Now another DUI involving injuries to two young children.

    Reid needs to be in prison…….for a long time. He is a real danger to everyone.

    If he wasn’t the son of the beloved KC coach, Reid would already be in prison.

  32. mookie34,the Super Bowl is nothing compared to a 5 year-old child who is in critical condition because of Reid’s stupidity. Leave him alone? Seriously?

  33. He obviously wasn’t drunk, or he would be in jail. Maybe he had a couple drinks 5 hours before the accident. I’ve seen horrible crashes from people who were completely sober, but were texting. A dangerous driver is still dangerous even if he wasn’t drunk. I don’t think any parent would be happy to get a call that their kid was killed by a sober driver.

  34. Good, and the news should stop reporting that he was “in a crash” like he was some kind of victim or passive participant.

  35. How many articles have appeared on PFT about Jack Easterby and his lack of qualifications to run a NFL team? Yet no articles ever about all these relatives of head coaches on their staffs, whose only qualification appears to be sharing DNA.

  36. I imagine in one of the alternative universes out there, this article is about him pulling over to lend a hand with his brother.

  37. I doubt that Britt Reid was qualified for any of these titles that were probably just invented so his father could keep an eye on him.When you require a babysitter as a 35 year-old grown man,you have serious problems. He should be no more entitled to be walking free than any one of us,had we made the stupid choices that he did. His problems are about to get a lot more serious when his blood tests come back. Good. He’s a danger to the public.

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