Bruce Arians: If you need a speech to get fired up, you’re in the wrong game

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Atlanta Falcons
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Bruce Arians won’t be going all Knute Rockne on his players before Super Bowl LV.

Arians told pool reporter Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times at the Buccaneers’ final practice today that he’ll briefly address the team this evening but mostly just to introduce a highlight tape of the NFC Championship Game, and otherwise it will just be normal pregame meetings as if the Super Bowl were any other game.

“I’ll talk tonight,” Arians said. “It’s not very long. We watch a video that we have a lot of fun with from our last game when we win. Then the offense, defense and special teams will meet in the morning.”

Arians said he doesn’t think the team needs a rah-rah speech.

“No, like I told them, if you need a speech to get fired up to play football, you’re in the wrong game,” Arians said. “I have to laugh when people bring in speakers and stuff. I don’t know the message they’re going to bring. There’s only one voice in this one.”

That will be Arians’ voice, and it won’t be a lot different than what he has told the team all season.

32 responses to “Bruce Arians: If you need a speech to get fired up, you’re in the wrong game

  1. He is spot on. If playing in the SB doesn’t get you fired up then you are in the wrong business.

  2. Arians to Team :
    ‘Do your Best, Remember all that you learned from the past three games, kick their asses and have Fun!!!’

  3. Last year Big Red brought in Jimmy Johnson & this year he is having somebody address the team via Zoom. So get a good laugh in Bruce because there won’t be much to smile about tomorrow.

  4. That’s probably because he knows he can’t give a speech that will fire anybody up.

  5. Belichick led with “the strength of the Wolf is the Pack” speech before XXXIX.

    He points to the Lombardi trophy and asks: “What’s that symbolize? Not the guy who leads the league in punting. Not the guy who’s got 15 sacks. Not the guy who’s got 1,200 yards rushing. It represents the team. That’s the toughest, smartest, most competent team.”

    For the first time in SB history, a team came out as a single unit and now every team copies it. So it seems like the GOAT prefers to give his players a pregame SB speech and considering he’s got EIGHT rings, I’d go with his philosophy.

  6. It’s hip to hate on Arians lately. But he’s right. You are playing in the damn Super Bowl, in your home stadium, there literally cannot be a bigger game for any of those players right now. If they aren’t ready to go 110% they shouldn’t be on the 53-man.

  7. Do you think the Chiefs are going to complain about the OT rules again if they lose in OT like they did to the Patriots in the AFCCG a couple of years ago?

  8. Bucs lose tomorrow. Reason, going wont be as easy for Brady as the lousy defense of the Packers. His guys wont be open, his defense wont have to stop a one track back who only runs forward. Way too much speed and agility on KC and as coaches say ‘speed kills’.
    Bucs D would need multiple mistakes by KC offense to win. Also Brady will face a very good pass rush and not the feeble efforts of the Packers and they cheap ball guys.

  9. Pack played at home and it didnt matter. KC gets ahead early and later blows the game away. No hope for the Bucs.

  10. Every Bucs player has seen the difference Tom Brady has made ever since the first day he arrived. He’s the one voice they’re listening to, and it’s the kind of voice that doesn’t even need to be vocal. They’ve seen the team go from a team that was unable to win a playoff game over the last 18 seasons, to a super bowl team. They all know why they’re here, and they’re all watching Brady. But if Brady decides to deliver a speech, they’ll all be listening. But I see Brady as more the kind of guy to seek out each player individually, and build up that person accordingly. Let them know that he’s counting on them. Instill confidence, and motivate them to work harder than they’ve ever worked in their lives. He knows what strings to pull for each guy, and they’re not all the same. This isn’t Arians’ first rodeo either. I’m sure he’s learned a lot this year, too. He’s also been watching Tommy. That’s what any intelligent person would do. I mean, we are seeing something very special. It’s almost unbelievable. If Brady wins, this could very well be the greatest story in NFL history.

  11. That’s just idiotic, that’s just as bad as Tomlin saying juju’s dancing didn’t motivate the other team. Well Bruce maybe you do have some players in the wrong line of work but if it means winning super bowl why not go ahead and give a speech to get them fired up? What a tool

  12. Also, I’m guessing Brucie didn’t see the video of Tommy firing up his team to come back and beat the Atlanta falcons. Again, what a tool.

  13. Pregame speeches should be for the movies.

    Weeb Ewbank gave one to his young, Baltimore Colts team before the 1958 NFL Championship Game in New York. Every player on the team recalled it 40 years later, knowing how big Pro Football would become …

  14. I think Brady would have more cache than anyone else giving a speech. Admittedly I will root for the Bucs because I am a Pats fan and grateful for all the joy Tom has given our area. I do worry about special teams as Tampa doesn’t seem all that disciplined in that area and KC is insanely fast.

  15. There are 3 reasons I am rooting for KC. One, Antonio Brown is the absolute least-deserving punk in the league, to win a Ring. Two, Brady is a phony & a cheat. And three, no one has been luckier to have a player such as Brady fall in his lap, as Arians.

  16. Hill lights em up again, gets MVP honors. Brady shows his age. Chiefs 41-23 the Houston mattress warehouse owner loses 3.4 million.

  17. There are 3 reasons I am rooting for KC. One, Antonio Brown is the absolute least-deserving punk in the league, to win a Ring. Two, Brady is a phony & a cheat. And three, no one has been luckier to have a player such as Brady fall in his lap, as Arians.

    Huh? Let’s not forget Tyreek Hill choking his pregnant girlfriend at Oklahoma State in 2014 and child abuse charges the last couple years. Browns no angel but neither is Hill and he already has a ring. Bad take.

  18. if a speech was within reach, I’d give one to each, tell ’em play like a beach, then go eat a peach

  19. Men, if this don’t light your fire, the pilot lights out!

    Lou Saban Buffalo Head Coach

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