Drew Pearson makes Hall of Fame Class of 2021

Atlanta Falcons v Dallas Cowboys
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Drew Pearson waited 33 years for this.

The Pro Football Hall of Fame announced Saturday night that Pearson has earned election in the Class of 2021. Pearson was the lone senior candidate on the ballot.

Pearson thought he would earn a bust in the Centennial Class, which the Hall of Fame announced Jan. 15, 2020. The former Cowboys receiver was visibly angry when his name was not among the 13 names read.

Pearson is one of 145 players to earn first-team all-decade honors from 1960 to 2000, and one of only two of those 145 all-decade first-team players not in the Hall of Fame. Former Packers safety LeRoy Butler is the other.

Pearson made the 1970s all-decade team.

He caught 489 passes for 7,822 yards and 48 touchdowns, retiring as the Cowboys’ all-time leading receiver. In 1977, he led the league with 870 receiving yards, the last time a player has led the league in receiving yards with fewer than 1,000.

20 responses to “Drew Pearson makes Hall of Fame Class of 2021

  1. Congratulations Drew, you were a great player. I still say you pushed Nate Wright in the back… but you still deserve the HOF!

  2. Congratulations Drew Pearson. A boyhood hero along with Staubach …

    Cant wait to here your speech …

  3. Pearson caught a 67 yard bomb to put away the Rams 27-16 in the 73 divisional, the Hail Mary one handed after the ball banked off Nate Wright’s foot to destroy my 10 year old soul in the 75 divisional against the Vikings, and a 39 year TD to crush the 80 Falcons 30-27 at Fulton County Stadium.
    3 playoff wins because of one guy. Yikes!

  4. Where is Cliff Branch? He had more yards receiving, more TD’s and 3 Super Bowl rings (Pearson only got 1). Branch belongs in the HOF.

    Where is Harold Jackson? He was far better than Pearson and his numbers show it.

    Where is Henry Ellard? He played in the 1980’s and 1990’s and retired 3rd all time in receiving yards. Ellard belongs in the HOF.

    This decision makes no sense, unless Jerry Jones bought it. Drew was a good player, but he was on a talented team. I will agree he was as good as Lynn Swan who is in the HOF, but he wasn’t better than the 3 listed above.

  5. Met him once – he was good natured about the offensive pass interference in the end zone in the NFC championship game. Good for him making the HOF.

  6. The push off is very debateable. The throw was short and Pearson turned back for it. Contact, yes, not really a push off.
    And no one remembers is that right before that he caught a 30 yard pass on 4th and 17 to get them from the 20 to the 50, and set up the Hail Mary.

    So the Vikings gave up 80 yards on two plays to lose the game.

  7. What people don’t remember about the 1975 Hail Mary game is, on the previous play (a 4th down), Pearson caught the ball clearly out-of-bounds. In other words, the Hail Mary play (which was offensive PI by Pearson) should never have happened.

  8. I watched this guy play every game of his career, total definition of clutch and thrived going across the middle and he was as skinny as D. Hopkins, he was all decade of the 70’s and was Roger’s go to.
    He deserved going in much sooner than he did..
    Congrats to the original 88

  9. Drew was the last member of the All Decade team from the 1970’s to go in. From a UDFA QB who had to retire early to the HOF, quite a journey

  10. The funny thing is, Drew Pearson still get installed along with the Centennial Class this summer after all!

  11. Congratulations to Drew Pearson. Surely he was a better receiver than Lynn Swann. Cliff Branch next?

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