John Lynch’s Hall of Fame dream finally comes true, appropriately in Tampa

Lynch celebrates the win
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John Lynch received a phone call each of the past seven years after Selection Saturday. Fourteen of 15 Pro Football Hall of Fame finalists from both 2014 and 2015 have busts in Canton already.

Yet, Lynch kept getting overlooked.

As it turned out, Lynch’s induction into the Hall of Fame is apropos.

His day came Saturday in Tampa, where he spent 11 seasons with the Buccaneers, as the Hall of Fame announced the former safety as a member of the Class of 2021.

Lynch, 49, now is General Manager of the 49ers.

The Bucs made Lynch a third-round choice in 1993. He played 15 seasons, the final four with Denver, and now is in the Rings of Honor for both the Bucs and the Broncos. Vince Lombardi, Eric Dickerson, Reggie White, Charles Haley and Marshall Faulk are among others to hold that distinction.

Lynch’s nine Pro Bowls are tied for second among safeties, and he twice made All-Pro.

He played 224 games with 191 starts and totaled 1,054 tackles, 13 sacks, 26 interceptions, 16 forced fumbles, eight fumble recoveries and 100 passes defended.

29 responses to “John Lynch’s Hall of Fame dream finally comes true, appropriately in Tampa

  1. Well deserved, one of THE hardest hitting safeties the game has ever seen. I can say this as a Bucs fan that we would not have been able to win that SB in 2003 without his leadership and his high level of skill.

  2. Good player, but a product of the talent around him. Tons of better safeties who took longer to get in or don’t get a sniff.

  3. The voters should feel shame for not putting Leroy Butler in before Lynch (I say that as a Bears fan). It’s not to say Lynch isn’t worthy, but having a lower profile is no reason the HoF voters should ignore him such as they have

  4. I’m a huge Bucs fan. John Lynch is NOT a Hall of Famer. LOVE the guy and his headhunting style. Hall of Fame should mean, at least, were you the best player at your position, at any time, during your career. Lynch was not. I hate to say this, but he doesn’t cut it. As a NFL fan, the Hall of Fame should enshrine the absolute best players. Quit being the Hall of Good.

  5. Things keep falling into place for Tampa Bay. Lightening win the Stanley Cup. The Rays make it to the World Series. Tom Brady (the GOAT) signs with the Bucs. Bucs are now in the Super Bowl, in their home stadium. John Lynch makes it in the Hall of Fame after 8 years of trying. All that’s left now is to bring home a Lombardi. You going to bet against this luck? That city is on a roll.

  6. Vince Lombardi, Eric Dickerson, Reggie White, Charles Haley and Marshall Faulk are in the Rings of Honor for both the Bucs and the Broncos?

  7. Imagine being quarterback in the late 1990s, against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers defense, led by a staff full of defensive minds who went on to become head coaches in their own rights.

    And as you step under center, looking straight ahead, you saw Warren Sapp, and behind him was Derrick Brooks, and behind them stood John Lynch.

    He could cover, and he could bring the wood too. He was a player who used his mind more than his body, who took the Tampa 2 concept to a Lombardi Trophy. And an all-around good guy.

    Well deserved.

  8. Hard hitting tough SOB. Nobody wanted to go over the middle against John. Credit the great Bill Walsh at Stanford for recognizing and recruiting him to a school that wasn’t known for defense. A precursor for Walsh’s great ‘81 draft of DB’s Ronnie Lott, Eric Wright, and Carlton Williamson who as rookies were key to the 49ers first Super Bowl championship.

  9. He does not belong, name one outstanding quality he has, it took him 8 tries for a reason

  10. John Lynch was one of the hardest hitters from the safety position. I enjoyed watching him play.

  11. Average. Watched his whole career. Never once took a game. Peanut had more tackles. 100s had more big plays. Lambert had more interceptions. In a third less game during non passing years. Hall of average prevails. All about the vote$. You don’t deserve it John.

  12. Congrats John Lynch! Hoping Ronde Barber doesn’t have to wait too long, as his career is worthy of the Hall of Fame.

  13. Congrats Lynch on a great Career. I still want to kick Bill Callahan in the face for not changing Jon Gruden’s playbook one iota.

  14. Leroy Butler had 38 interceptions vs 26 for Lynch. Butler had 20.5 sacks vs 13 for Lynch. Butler played on some great teams and defenses just like Lynch. He won a SB. He is the model for today’s do it all Safety. It’s a shame Lynch’s media popularity put him in over Butler.

  15. LeRoy Butler was better, any way you want to look at it;

    Better numbers
    More awards/accolades
    Better teams
    More Super Bowls

  16. LeRoy Butler had more career sacks and interceptions while having a shorter career than Lynch. Butler is the only player of the 1990’s All Decade Team not in the hall.

  17. Ridiculous. Rodney Harrison was a better hard hitting contemporary safety than Lynch with the numbers to back it up.

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