Justin Herbert beats out Justin Jefferson for Offensive Rookie of the Year

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Justin Jefferson had a solid case for the NFL’s Offensive Rookie of the Year. No one outside of Los Angeles would have argued if he had won the award.

But no one outside of Minnesota should have a problem with the player who won it.

The Associated Press announced Chargers quarterback Justin Herbert as the official winner of the NFL’s Offensive Rookie of the Year award. It denied Jefferson of becoming the first receiver to win the award since then-Giants receiver Odell Beckham Jr. in 2014.

Herbert instead became the first Chargers’ player to win the award since running back Don Woods in 1974.

Herbert received 41 of the 50 votes, with Jefferson getting the other nine.

“I think it is a testament to all the hard work we have put in as a team, the coaching staff and the players,” Herbert told the Associated Press. “It’s been a tough year, but we put in a lot of good work, but just to be in the conversation [for the award] is an honor.”

Herbert, as the sixth overall selection, was the third quarterback off the board behind Joe Burrow and Tua Tagovailoa. He stepped into the big shoes of Philip Rivers and proved more than capable of replacing the Chargers’ great.

Herbert set rookie records for total touchdowns (36), passing touchdowns (31), completions (396), multi-passing touchdown games (10), games with 300 yards passing (eight) and three-passing touchdown games (six). He was just 39 yards short of Andrew Luck’s rookie record of 4,374 yards passing.

22 responses to “Justin Herbert beats out Justin Jefferson for Offensive Rookie of the Year

  1. BS. Jefferson was robbed plain and simple. Herbert is involved in every play and dictates where the ball goes, Jefferson as a WR only gets what is thrown to him. Herbert can throw 30 yards downfield, Jefferson can get a 5 yard dump pass and turn it into 60+ yards, thus doing all the work. The No Fun League strikes again.

  2. mookie34 says:
    February 6, 2021 at 9:26 pm

    Jefferson gave us the Griddy. For that, he should have won.
    Actually it was a New Orlean’s high school kid who came up with it.
    From there it spread from high school to high school.
    Eventually LSU players like Jefferson co-opted it for their own brand.
    And as far as I know, dancing really doesn’t meet any of the criteria used to judge OROY.

    Well deserved honor for Justin Herbert.
    He’s got a very bright future, you know, as a football player.
    Not a dancer.

  3. Don’t fret Purple fans just give Jefferson an extra participation ribbon. Two, even.

  4. The Chargers lucked into what seems to be a very good QB in Justin Herbert picked t #6.

  5. Just change the awards name to QB a rookie of the Year. Jacobs was highway robbed last year. At least Herbert had an excellent year, unlike Murray who was below average starting QB his rookie year (spare me had QB rookie rushing record, yAwn!).

  6. Props to Hebert. As a Viking fan i was rooting for JJ, yet JH came through with the opportunities he was given. Cannot begrudge him on that. Both really had awesome years, stats do not lie – and Hebert just got more national love being a QB. QB’s rule in the NFL.

  7. I didn’t see him play much, but his stats are nice. Jefferson had a great year though, and would have won in a lot of other years with his numbers. In looking forward to watching them both play out their promising careers.

  8. A rookie QB usually struggles. Herbert struggled early on, but ended up having a pretty strong year, and led the team to five wins in their last 7 games. They were really a good team the second half, and looking to come out roaring next year. That’s why I was shocked when they fired their coach. Without getting political, that was the most blatant act of racism I’ve seen in the history of the league. Is there an award for that? The Chargers won that won easily.

  9. Herbert deserved it as much as Jefferson did, but you gotta admit there’s a QB bias in football from the Heisman to NFL MVP. At any rate, congrats to Herbert. I see several salty cheeser comments , which I can understand seeing as how their favorite team had no rookies remotely considered.

  10. Just think that the packers passed on him for a rookie Quarterback that was inaccurate in practice he couldn’t even get the 2nd string job! Let that sink in!

  11. QB trumps WR (and just about every position) when it comes to rookie of the year. Both outstanding players though…..

  12. You don’t beat out the QB for awards like this. Plain and simple. Unfortunately, that’s today NFL, and today NFL awards voters.

  13. I guess lots of Viking fans here and for the comment about making it a QB award only 3 QB’s have won it in the past 8 years. More RB have won it during those years so that argument do float. In case some people don’t know this is a QB driven league and to have a rookie set records in what most people consider to be the most important position in sports am surprised he didn’t get all of the votes. Put it this way, if you were a new team and you had to pick between the two, who would you pick?

  14. Congrats to the young QB. Well deserved.

    How refreshing to see a QB win an individual award and use words like “we” and “team” when humbling accepting as well as thanking his coaching staff and players.

  15. Wow, Herbert beat the 3 year old rookie QB records set by a below average QB… meanwhile JJ beat a 20 year old record set by a former ROY and HOF’er

    Congrats on another hollow victory by the Chargers.

  16. Not going to begrudge Herbert anything, he is a really good young QB. After watching him beat the badgers in the Rose Bowl I felt he would be good in the NFL. If JJ won I doubt many would be upset either. Two very good young players for their teams to build on.

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