Report: Eagles are expected to trade Carson Wentz in “coming days”

Philadelphia Eagles v Arizona Cardinals
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Carson Wentz‘s time in Philadelphia appears to be at an end.

The Eagles will trade Wentz in the coming days, according to a report from ESPN’s Adam Schefter and Chris Mortensen. The duo reports the deal could occur as early as this week and that Philadelphia is seeking “a Matthew Stafford package” in exchange for Wentz’s services.

The Rams agreed to trade Jared Goff, two first-round picks, and a third-round pick in exchange for Stafford.

That backs up a separate report from the Philadelphia Inquirer on Friday, which cited two unnamed NFL sources who believed the franchise was close to trading Wentz.

The Colts and Bears are believed to be two destinations where Wentz could land. Wentz worked with Colts head coach Frank Reich in Philadelphia for the first two years of his career, with Reich the club’s offensive coordinator.

Wentz completed only 57.4 percent of his passes in 2020 for 2,620 yards with 16 touchdowns and 15 picks. Though he played only 12 games, he ended the year leading the league in interceptions and 50 sacks.

Indianapolis General Manager Chris Ballard sidestepped the question of trading for Wentz in a radio interview a few days ago. Not doing so would have constituted tampering.

If the Eagles agree to a deal, it would not become official until the new league year in March. It would also mean the first two picks in the 2016 NFL Draft would be on the move after five seasons with the teams who drafted them.

The Rams agreed to trade Goff to the Lions last week.

21 responses to “Report: Eagles are expected to trade Carson Wentz in “coming days”

  1. So how can they reach a deal if the coach commenting is considered tampering?? Wouldnt more than a comment have to take place between 2 teams to get to a deal?

  2. The Eagles will regret this move. Sonny Jurgenson all over again. Giving up on a franchise QB after one bad season. With nothing but a QB who can run but can’t hid hit the side of a barn. 52 percent completion percentage just, well, Hurts…

  3. Sorry confused here the Eagles think Wentz is the Stafford and want 2 first, 3rd and a QB? He has the bad contract they should be offering the Goff package to a team.

  4. Poor Carson. He gets Pederson fired and still finds himself shipped out. If he doesn’t wanna get smacked around, DON’T go to Da Bears!

  5. HagemeisterPark holy smokes man…they can’t comment PUBLICLY about a player under contract to another team

  6. Again, this seems like a strange move given they fired Pederson to try to fix Wentz. Gotta wonder if something happened behind the scenes that prompted this–he wanted more people fired? he wanted certain people hired? They sort of hand picked a coach from the Colts to take over and FIX wentz…so this does not make any sense.

    Unless they plan to go into full rebuild and dump a ton of vets and salary this offseason and figure with a major rebuild on hand, they might as well get some value for Wentz now?

    Again, weird. Then again, given their massive injury problem the last 2 years..maybe they want to really go all in on the draft to get younger fast?

  7. “Again, this seems like a strange move given they fired Pederson to try to fix Wentz.”

    At this point it’s difficult to tell why they got rid of Pederson, why they are trading Wentz after doing so…it probably falls in the lap of the same guy who inspired questions like “why did we re-sign Desean Jackson?” and “why do we keep missing on our WR draft picks?” and he will be the guy who is still there with a job.

    Easterby rightfully catches tons of crap in Houston but Howie Roseman has been making some terrible moves in his own right.

  8. Philly is clueless. Hurts is absolutely awful! Guarantee out of league in 2 years! How can people paid so much continue to make asinine decisions??

  9. Wentz was horrible in 2020, but was a bit above average in 2019 and 2018.
    So maybe he just had an aberration and can get back to a bit above average.
    In that’s scenario I can see trading for him.

  10. It’s a risky move for a guy with a huge contract, a bad attitude, and play that has regressed steadily. He led the league in INTs and sacks even though he only played twelve games, was 28th in QBR and 34th in passer rating. Does that sound like a guy you’d give up the farm for? If the Eagles are going to unload him they will likely have to do what the Rams did and send picks. If they think they’re going to get anything of value they are delusional.

  11. 2 firsts, a third and an above average seasoned, tough veteran QB. Looks like Mr. Wentz will be with the Eagles for awhile.

  12. Latest word is this: Nick Foles, Tarik Cohen and a 1st round pick for Carson Wentz. Looks like the Bears just might have outbid the Colts and landed Wentz. And, the Eagles get the man they have a statue of outside the Linc. St. Nick just plays better in Philadelphia where he belongs!

  13. “At this point it’s difficult to tell why they got rid of Pederson, why they are trading Wentz after doing so”

    They got rid of Peterson because he wanted more control over his staff. After they fired two of his coaches last year after he believed they were staying, that was the beginning of the end. They may have used the pretense of Wentz wanting him gone, but no one has ever heard Wentz say that. Roseman has been through this before, with a coach wanting more power. That wasn’t going to happen again.

    They got rid of Wentz because he wanted out. Over the past two years he’s been throwing to practice squad players while other young QBs have gotten good WRs from the draft or trade. He probably has no confidence in this front office, and I don’t blame him. No one should.

    The way the two are connected is from a mistrust of Howie Roseman. I doubt Wentz and Pederson were best friends, but I also doubt some of the more outrageous rumors floating around, like Wentz was changing plays to spite Pederson. The common denominator is the front office. That’s the connection you seek.

  14. The problem is Howie Roseman, an incompetent snake who has ingratiated himself with the owner and therefore is the only person in the organization who is not held accountable for his poor performance. He manages his relationship with the owner very well, so we will be stuck with him until the team is sold.

  15. The got rid of Pederson bc there was a disconnect that became irreconcilable. They hired Sirianni for a few reasons.

    First, it’s a mistake to claim they hired him specifically for Wentz. First of all it’s about youth and projection for Lurie. He’s always emulated Pittsburgh and goes young looking for a decades long regime; and projection in that he feels the coach he hires could be a Chuck Noll (or Reid).

    Second is targeting coaches who are felt among the NFL, not media, ranks as rising toward the hot list caliber of coach. Yes he will interview all types but his thing is to see a guy who will be on the hot list and get him in here now before he actually hits that hot list threshold. It’s like beating other teams to the punch by looking ahead (another Lurie theme).

    Third is controllability. They are of the belief they should set the coach up, control the 53 man, and then let the coach take over from there. Reid had trouble as being the grand master poobah of everything, and so did Kelly. So they’ve moved away from that idea and trust their own selves; be that a good or bad thing.

    Fourth is the idea of “football CEO” he talked about. He is going to choose a guy who he believes shows he is a big picture guy and forward thinker. Obviously he sees this in his choice due to the interviews that none of us were actually present for though we act like we were bc we just know everything don’t we.

    Fifth on the list is working with Wentz OR Hurts. Capital OR. They BOTH need QB gurus. Their first option is Wentz obviously but you can say knowing how Wentz feels and everything that comes with it that they knew they would be actually likely hiring Sirianni for Hurts.

    Think of it all that way.

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