Tyreek Hill reiterates his Olympic dream

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The postponed Olympics have given Tyreek Hill another chance to talk about competing in the Olympics.

Last year, Hill spoke in the days prior to the Super Bowl about becoming an Olympic track athlete. This year, he reiterated his desire in an interview with TMZ.com.

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  1. Dropping 20 lbs on a hiatus from a professional sport to compete in an amateur sport is a heck of a sell to his employer. Of course, they can’t say this publicly, for obvious reasons, given the social milieu

  2. Well – Tyreek has a gold medal from the World Junior Championships, so why not? He could do 100m or 4 x 100 relay. The 200m could be within reach too. Look at John Capel, Renaldo Nehemiah, Willie Gault…

  3. Talk, talk, talk. If talking sheds pounds, Tyreke will make sprinter’s weight with no problem. Better not drop any passes in the super bowl. Focus!

  4. Nate Ebner played on the US Rugy team in the 2016 Olympics, I do not see a reason why if he qualified that Hill could not be a member of the US Track and Field team.

  5. Nate Ebner actually played rugby and at a very high level prior. Unfortunately the gap between USA Rugby and USA Track and Field are significantly contrasted, making it much more difficult for Hill. But it would be awesome to see Reke make it and win a gold for America

  6. Dropping so much muscle mass has the potential to make him slower. Ego doesn’t win foot races.

  7. “Dropping 20 lbs on a hiatus from a professional sport to compete in an amateur sport is a heck of a sell to his employer.”

    Track is not an amateur sport, especially at the Olympic level.

  8. Does he really think the USOC is going to want to have him representing the U.S. on an international stage? With his personal baggage?

  9. Wait – there’s an olympic event for beating pregnant women and (allegedly) a small child?

  10. I can’t see him making the team in the 100 or 200 but it’s certainly possible he could be on the 400-relay team. The Olympics begin on July 19th but the track & field events are held in the second week which means he wouldn’t be finished until closer to the end of July. Then of course there may be a quarantine period for the return trip. I don’t see how it’s feasible to play in the NFL and compete in the Olympics.

    Renaldo Nehemiah and Willie Gault both competed in the Olympics before transitioning to the NFL.

  11. Lean grown men with unassisted hormone levels in the normal range can’t easily drop or add 20lbs that quickly. That said, I don’t have any problem with it and I’m routing for anyone going for such an achievement.

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