Andy Reid: “Heart bleeds” for family involved in car accident, didn’t impact peformance

Super Bowl LV
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Chiefs head coach Andy Reid’s son Britt was not filling his role as the team’s outside linebackers coach in Super Bowl LV because he was involved in a car accident last Thursday night.

Reid told police he had two or three drinks before hitting another car in a collision that led to two children and Reid being taken to the hospital. He did not travel to Tampa on Saturday for Super Bowl LV.

After the Chiefs lost that game 31-9, Andy Reid was asked about the incident.

“My heart goes out to all those involved in the accident, in particular the family with the little girl fighting for her life,” Reid said, via Jori Epstein of “I can’t comment on it any more [but] from a human standpoint, my heard bleeds for everyone involved.”

Britt Reid was in the accident on Thursday night and his father said that the incident had an impact in the last few days, but said they weren’t the deciding factor against the Buccaneers.

22 responses to “Andy Reid: “Heart bleeds” for family involved in car accident, didn’t impact peformance

  1. I hope Andy does some introspection and prioritizes the dysfunction in his family going forward.

  2. Pray for the family of that lil girl, there is just no good on any side if this. Andy Reid is a good man I just can’t understand this why his son do this to him. You had everything.

  3. It is indeed a tragedy, and I feel for Coach Reid… his heart must be breaking, and yet had to go out and do his job today the best he could so as not to let down other important young men in his life. I’m actually happy the Bucs won, if only so Andy Reid didn’t have to conduct victory interviews, trying to be happy about the game while also trying to not appear uncaring. It went the way it needed to.

  4. Scum of the universe, drinking and driving. God knows how many people he could have killed

  5. I’m glad this was finally acknowledged. It’s the first step to healing.

    When history looks back on this Super Bowl, this story will loom larger than a single question the Chiefs dodged until after the game.

    The human factor is all there is.

  6. I believe that this accident hurt the Chiefs in a big way… how could it not? I have been praying for all involved. May this little girl pull through.

  7. Pray for the family that is impacted by a selfish act. Do not cast blame towards Andy Reid. It is like the serenity prayer. How can he possibly be responsible for this?

  8. Why, once KC clearly wasn’t winning this game did Nantz have to bring up how badly everyone felt?

  9. Andy Reid has been dealt a very crappy hand in his personal life. Feel for the big guy.

  10. This raises an issue that’s bothered me that’s o0bviously much less significant than the lives affected in the crash. That is the amount of nepotism in NFL coaching staffs. Even if the son turns out to be great at it (Kyle Shanahan), it wouldn’t be tolerated in most businesses to have a non-owner employing their own children for jobs that are highly sought after.

  11. That kid has a long record. He needs some time in the big house where he can have some time to think about his failings.

  12. tyreehelmetcatch says:
    February 7, 2021 at 11:27 pm
    Andy Reid has been dealt a very crappy hand in his personal life. Feel for the big guy.


    While no parent is responsible for their adult children’s choices/decisions (good or bad), I find it hard to believe Andy Reid has been dealt a “crappy hand” in his personal life. Andy Reid has made decisions in his life that has had negative and positive impacts on his personal and professional life. Andy Reid has dealt the cards to himself and his family…

  13. Obviously the most important part is the recovery of those injured in the crash.

    Andy Reid has every right to employ his son, but clearly his son hasn’t moved beyond his addiction issues.

    Britt Reid is 35 years old and is the sole person responsible. It has nothing to do with Andy at this point.

  14. It’s the black cloud that hung over this Super Bowl. I feel very badly for Andy Reid, but his son belongs in prison whether this little girl makes it or not. She will never be right again if she does make it.

  15. Sure seemed like i was watching one of Reid’s old Philadelphia teams getting out coached and outplayed last night.

  16. When John Elway won his second Super Bowl he said afterwards they knew they had it in the bag when they learned about the Falcons Eugene Robinson getting arrested Super Bowl week. Just too much of a distraction for a team to overcome. This definitely could have thrown the Chiefs off, particularly on defense where they looked horrible the entire game. (That being said, their o-line was even worse so I’d give full credit to the Bucs for that.)

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