Another seven-figure bet has been placed on the Buccaneers

NFC Championship - Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Green Bay Packers
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Most who pick games, whether for fun or potential profit, lean toward Kansas City in Super Bowl LV. At least three people believe in the Buccaneers. And they’ve put up at least $1 million in money where their mouths are.

Via David Purdum of, someone placed a $1 million money-line wager on Tampa Bay with MGM in Nevada. The no-point-spread bet has +135 odds. It will pay $1.35 million if the Buccaneers prevail.

Previously, MGM took a $2.3 million bet on the Buccaneers getting 3.5 points.

Also, a Houston furniture-store owner bet $3.46 million on the Buccaneers plus 3.5 points (at a 27-percent vig) via the DraftKings mobile app in Colorado as a hedge against a promotion that will result in significant losses if the Chiefs win the game.

Simms and I disagree on this one. The attached video has our selections.

22 responses to “Another seven-figure bet has been placed on the Buccaneers

  1. It was me. Mahomes has a bum toe and both tackles are out. Bowles runs the best D in the league. Brady is Brady. So I say why not?

  2. Tampa Bay Theme Song for tonights Gam:

    “Some will win, Some will lose, Some were born to sing the blues..

    Don’t stop BELIEVING, hold onto that Feeling…..

    Working hard to get my fill

    Everybody wants the Thrill

    Don’t Stop BELIEVING….”

    Bucs 43 Chefs 31

  3. Chiefs got taken to the wire this year multiple times by teams that suck. Buccs are going to steamroll them and it will be the first of TB12s superbowls where he can relax going into half time.

  4. The chiefs OT’s vs the TB DE’s will decide the game. No matter how good that chiefs offense or Patrick mahomes is

  5. Been winning on that Buc’s moneyline all playoffs. It will happen again today!!

    BUC YEAH!!!

  6. To be clear, the $1 mil line bet will RETURN $2.3 million, resulting in $1.35 million in winnings.

  7. That Tampa front 7 is really talented. And aggressive. David, White, Suh Vea, Barrett, JPP. With that KC o-line banged up as it is? They say Mahomes foot is fine…..but requires surgery. If KC o-line was healthy, I would give 7 and take the Chiefs. But not today. +3.5 looks like a good bet

  8. absolutely smart- another poster above mentioned the tackles and mahomes toe – but the other xfactor is Andy Reid. Is his head in the game right now after finding out his son may face prison time?

  9. The refs will decide who wins….a holding call extending the drive or a pass interference penalty ….the Chiefs will get robbed…also look for a roughing the QB on Brady…it’s stupid to put that much money on a game that’s already decided. ..

  10. Unlike the Browns and the Bills, the Bucs will run the ball because they have a smart coach. The Browns especially were clueless in not running Chubb and Hunt. The run defense is the Chiefs weakness, not their passing defense. Bucs 30 Chiefs 27.

  11. For all those who say the Chiefs are missing their two tackles, they won the last game with Fischer injured and Remmers played well (yes, when players leave the Vikings, they excel).

    K.C. will win this game based on my thwo observations.

    Pressue and containment. IF the Bucs can contain/Pressue with 4 they will win, but I don’t believe they can. This isn’t Brees or Rodgers looking like statues back there, it’s Mahomes.

    Secondly, Brady has looked years from his Vintage Brady it’s not funny. His last two regular season games and 2 playoff games QBR…

    not good.

    Last 4 games QBR:





    One last thing, VS Green Bay, David Bakhtiari ( The Number one rated tackle in the league) was out vs Tampa. Life was much easier without him in there.

  12. dejadoh says:
    February 7, 2021 at 1:19 pm
    Why didn’t the furniture guy fly to Vegas and make the bet and save 17%

    The extra vig is from buying the hook (half point) to make it 3.5 instead of the regular 3 points. So if KC wins by 3, it is a push, but now TB can lose by 3 and still win the bet.

  13. Everyone is starting to see what I’ve been saying for years. Goodell won’t let his son brady lose. Other than Lebron James, I’ve never seen an athlete benefit more from the referees than Brady. It is remarkable actually. Never once the recipient of a bad call. Not one. Please feel free to try and look one up to prove me wrong. None exist so you are wasting your time

  14. whoa now – Goodel/NFL/Refs are not for Brady – haven’t you been paying attention to the many attacks from Goodel/NFL to try and remove Brady from the Game.

    Go back and watch the KC / Pats AFCCG. The KC Secondary was permitted to mug Patriots WRs all game long with maybe one call going against them. Pats pass rushers were held continually.
    The NFL was desperately trying to annoint Mahomes as Bradys replacement and thus remove the Patriotic Image of the Pats from the national spotlight.

    Now that Brady is not on the Patriots and will soon retire – he is not a threat to the Goodel/NFL Agenda.

  15. This is where you make your money on bets. You bet the underdog that everyone is picking against but has a good chance of pulling it off. You don’t make your money by betting on the favorite that everyone thinks will win a blowout.

    Vegas only has the Chiefs as 3 pt favorites. And half the people here are picking a Chiefs easy blowout win. I think Vegas knows more about football than a lot of people here.

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