Chiefs punt for a third time, and Tommy Townsend shanks the punt

Super Bowl LV
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The Chiefs took over at the 1-yard line after a goal-line stop of the Bucs.

Tyreek Hill gained 14 yards on a quick pass on first down to get the Chiefs out of the shadow of their own end zone. But the Chiefs ended up punting for the third time in four drives in the first half.

Patrick Mahomes threw an incompletion on first down after the Hill catch, throwing the ball into the ground at Mecole Hardman‘s feet, as the Bucs had a screen well covered.

Darrel Williams ran for 2 yards on second down to set up third-and-eight.

Travis Kelce dropped the third-down pass that would have picked up a first down.

Tommy Townsend‘s punt went 56 yards to the Tampa Bay 27, where Jaydon Mickens returned it for 3 yards. But Ben Niemann was called for offensive holding, forcing Townsend to punt again, this time out of his own end zone.

Townsend shanked a punt for a second time today, with the ball traveling only 29 yards to the Kansas City 38. It was a difference of 42 yards.

The Bucs begin their fifth drive with good field position.