Could Nick Foles be heading back to Philadelphia, again?

Indianapolis Colts v Philadelphia Eagles
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The Eagles could be going back to the future.

As rumors continue to make the rounds regarding a possible trade of quarterback Carson Wentz, long-time Eagles sideline reporter Howard Eskin dropped this nugget late Saturday night: Wentz to the Bears. For a first-round pick, running back Tarik Cohen, and . . . quarterback Nick Foles.

Yes, Nick Foles. The guy who won a Super Bowl in Philadelphia. The guy who nearly took them back to the NFC Championship the next year. The guy whom many believe should have been kept over Wentz after the 2018 season.

It would be Foles’ third stint with the Eagles, if it happens. Drafted in 2012 with a third-round pick, the Eagles traded Foles to the Rams for Sam Bradford in 2015. Then, the Eagles re-signed Foles in 2017. He has since signed with the Jaguars, who traded him after one year to the Bears.

Foles started the 2020 season as the backup to Mitch Trubisky. Acting on a gut feeling, coach Matt Nagy yanked Trubisky for Foles against the Falcons, and he promptly engineered a comeback win. Foles thereafter struggled, with Trubisky regaining the job after Foles suffered a hip/butt injury against the Vikings. Trubisky played well enough to keep Foles sitting on his hip/butt for the rest of the year.

Cohen took to Twitter in an effort to debunk his role in a potential trade: “Lemme clear this up real quick. Just got off the phone wit my HC and GM, Bears fans we locked in don’t worry. People say anything nowadays man.”

People do indeed say anything. Including coaches and General Managers. So we’ll see where this one goes from here.

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  1. When the Eagles traded Foles for Bradford just about everything anyone said about Bradford was pertaining to his injuries. Little did we know the same would be said about Foles now. Foles is a better-than-average QB when he’s on the field but there’s the rub. He, like Bradford, misses a lot of games because of injuries.

    I’m not sure I’d trade a first-round pick for him unless they have no other options. He does have a very affordable $4M salary in 2021 and 2022 ($4M roster bonus in 2022 also) so maybe that would offset the cap hit they’d take from trading Wentz. However, I don’t see him as a long-term solution. Maybe they would draft someone this year and give him a few years to develop unless they feel Hurts is the long-term answer.

  2. I believe it. Ryan Pace watched the Lions make a big move and panicked. Hard to believe both Wentz and Goff will now play against each other in the Norris, but it’s true. One day they’ll have to make a 30 for 30 about their parallel careers.

  3. Pace giving away the farm for nothing. He does not care since he won’t be there next year but will run the franchise into the ground for years to come before he leaves.

  4. Foles continues to earn that cheddar. Hilarious. I’m not mad, he deserves all he gets ever since he made matt ‘disheveled slob’ patricia look like a fool in the superbowl.

  5. I hope it happens. What I have never understood about Foles is how much better he is with the Eagles than he is anywhere else. I’m still in shock at the possibility of Chicago possibly giving up a No. 1, Foles and a player to get a head case like Wentz, but I guess they’re taking a swing and DeFillippo thinks he can fix Wentz.

  6. Cohen was a flash in the pan so no real loss there. #20 pick for a veteran needing a change of scenery? If it’s only THIS YEAR’s 1st round pick at 20 and Cohen, I can live with that.

    It’s a make or (most likely) break season for Pace & Nagy. If they want to waste this year’s 1st rounder on Wentz and then they get canned after next year, do it.

  7. I don’t think this makes much sense for either team which means it’s probably about to be announced.

  8. As adamantly opposed as I am to trading Carson Wentz, I must admit getting a 1st round pick and Nick Foles back will dampen my anger just a tad. I know Hurts isn’t ready and the Eagles need a veteran QB to mentor him if Wentz is traded. Who better than Saint Nick?

  9. If Pace is considering anything more the Foles and a 5th for Wentz he needs to be fired immediately before we end up with a Bill O’Brien situation and he leaves the team with absolutely nothing next year

  10. I sincerely hope this isn’t true. If Wentz is upset at the lack of an O line now? He’ll be reaching for his happy pills with Da Bears!! At least Money Mitch is a team guy. Wentz isn’t. Ask Alshon Jeffrey…

  11. Correction: If it’s only THIS YEAR’s 1st round pick at 20 and Cohen along with tossing in Foles, I can live with that

  12. 1) Who watched them play last year and thought Carson Wentz was better than Mitchell Trubisky?

    2) Trubisky would’ve likely re-signed for a lot less than Wentz will make. Why wouldn’t you build on the progress he made at the end of last season?

  13. I’m glad Foles has had the peaks he’s had, because he’s sure been stuck in a lot of lousy situations.

    Going back to the Eagles after they clean house, without any of the coaches with whom he found success, would be a thankless job.

    I think Indy should take him. Good coach, great OL, some sneaky-good skill players, that is the formula where we see him fulfill his potential.

  14. Do it. Give me Nick for 3-5 years. There’s something about him in Philly. And he’d instantly be embraced again by the fans. Build the team and work on your next guy from there.

  15. Both Foles and Wentz were great with the Eagles, but that was due to Frank Reich. Once Reich left, Wentz looked terrible. Reich is still gone, so I expect Foles to look average, at best, if he goes to Philly.

  16. So Wentz, who supposedly failed in Philly due to no receivers, bad coaching and a JV O Line, is going to revive his career on a Bears team with no WRs (unless they re-sign Allen Robinson), bad coaching and an only marginally less bad OL? Got it.

  17. Ryan Pace is worse than I thought if he does this. The Eagles upgrade at QB, relieved of Wentz’s ridiculous contract, get a running back AND a first round pick.

    … And the Bears would get… Carson Wentz. Yikes.

  18. Ryan Pace is the guy who needlessly traded up one spot to draft Trubisky over Mahomes and Watson. The Bears would be crazy to let this guy deal for another QB and set the franchise back again.

  19. You would think after waiting 12 plus hours from the time the initial story was broke there would at least be more info here but theres not. The reports this morning have all said it’s not Cohen going to Philly but likely Anthont Miller

  20. If I’m the eagles, I would do this. Cohen is a talented back – good for a one-two punch with another back (Sanders). Foles obviously a good backup.

    But with Wentz – guy gets paid over a hundred million, plays like the worst Qb in football, and once he gets benched he throws a hissy fit? All while playing the role of choir boy to the media. Get him out of here.

    The fact that Wentz may be shipped off in a deal that includes Foles returning is just extra salt in his wound, and I love it.

  21. The only way I would include a number one pick is if it were conditional. Wentz and/or the Bears would have to reach certain targets. Other than that you are taking a real gamble.

  22. I don’t think the Bears are getting rid of Trubisky unless there is a clear difference. Trubisky is still very close to the beginning of his career, and the Bears’ environment hasn’t been all that stable. He’s still improving, and I don’t know that I’d pull the plug in the middle of the ride up.

  23. TheTruth says:
    February 7, 2021 at 1:37 pm
    Move I’d like to see: Dak to Jags for the 1st overall pick. A win for both teams.
    Lawrence on a rookie contract making about $2.5 million next season, or Prescott making north of $35 million. Yeah, a win-win… Not!

  24. @charliecharger

    Trubisky isn’t a Bear anymore. They declined his 5th-yr option, so he’s currently UFA (or will be when the new league year starts).

    I’d love to re-sign Trubisky if the numbers are right, then keep drafting QB’s until you get it right (maybe Lance falls this year or Mac Jones is there at 20). Nagy/Pace will never bring Trubisky back though. They failed him (they feel he failed them, I’m sure), and they’re in desperation mode (which is probably why they won’t settle for a rookie & Foles). If whomever they get doesn’t work out Nagy/Pace are gonzo.

  25. Someone writes: “Move I’d like to see: Dak to Jags for the 1st overall pick. A win for both teams.”

    Unless you think Dak is much better than Lawrence, which nobody does, you’re dismissing the impact on a team a player has with a $35-$40 million per year contract as opposed to a guy on his rookie contract for the next 4 years.

  26. I will say that the Eagles offense got derailed after 2017. Playcalling was horrible and the receivers and dbacks never developped.

    I am hopeful the new coaching staff can actually develop players. I am tired of seeing Eagles busts go to other teams and being capable of starting.

  27. Wentz regressed along with the whole organization, whoever steals him from the birds will be happy with the price.Hopefully its not the god awful bears but the colts who are lucky enough to aquifers Wentz and his talent.

  28. God bless Chicago! I figured we would have to GIVE UP picks to get someone to take Went’z salary. But we actually GET Nick back, a nice player (if healthy), and a 1st rounder? Done!

  29. If Howard Elkins is right this time it will be his first ever. He slings more mud than a pig farmer. Anyhow, hope he is right. Foles is a good team player. Something that the Eagles do not have much of any more..

  30. This is craziness on Chicago’s part. Foles and Cohen would be a fair trade for Wentz, considering the contracts of the three players. Chicago is just throwing away a first round pick.

  31. If I were the Eagles, I’d make that trade (Wentz for a 1st, Tarik Cohen and Nick Foles).

  32. Looking back at Foles’ storied but uneven career, I think it can be summed up in one sentence: Foles is the consummate relief pitcher. During his two monster years with the Eagles, he came off the bench to relieve an injured starter. In 2013 it was Vick, in 2017 it was Wentz. Foles also won a couple of games in relief for Reid’s Chiefs in 2016.

    Morale of the story – if you have Foles on your roster, let him ride the bench until well into the season. Bringing him in mid or late season with a fresh body and change of pace on the offense will be deadly to other teams.

  33. Eskin stole the story from a Philadelphia radio update girl, who stole it from a sketchy Twitter account. I would not give it any credence. Everyone in Philly knows that Eskin does not have sources like he claims, and steals other people’s “breaking news” stories all the time. I would rate this a 1/10 on the truth scale.

  34. The Bears have proven over time that they are not interested in winning. Just make all the money we can for the 22 familys that profit from the Bears. Fans should realize the fact that all the Organization cares about is just be mediocre and we will still be living the life of luxury. /It’s like, screw the fans, we are happy with bad football I say don’t show up…..

  35. I think Wentz & Ertz will be traded to IND for 2 1st rd picks,’21 &’22 and a 3rd in ’22. If I were the Eagles I’d then trade Hurts,Colts 1st in ’22 to HOU for Deshaun Watson. Draft J’Marr Chase or Patrick Surtain II, @#6, #21 take Rondale Moore. Then everyone else drafted should be CB(if Chase is the 1st), DE’s,LB’s,OL’s,TE’s,DB’s

  36. when I look at the Wentz draft stock/points, I see pretty good value. Consider Wentz was a 2600 point draft (#2 in 2016) pick. It cost the Eagles 2725 points to get him through a series of trades. eagles went from 1st round trade with a 4th to get to 8th sand moved up to get to 2. Playing him instead of Bradford, who went to Minnesota yielded approximately 729 point pick.
    Chicago gives up a #1 at 850 points, and the Eagles get a backup replacement-which they are trading to Chicago. The birds end up with 1200 point swing with Wentz… and they have a starter (Either Hurts or Foles). They can then fix their Cap issues the following year and contend with new talent through this year and next years’ draft. See? Everybody wins.

  37. Never believed in Wentz. personally, I’d rather see another year of MT and have Chicago draft a QB then to see 2-3 years of Wentz stink it up and Chicago ending up in the same place they are now.

  38. Chicago needs a QB. Chances are they will not get one at 20. Moving up from 20 to the 5-7 range is cost prohibitive. It’s very unlikely a QB is available in free agency that would be much better than their current options. So, you make the deal. Wentz has issues but also a lot of talent. Chicago doesn’t want Cohen and would have no need for Foles, so trading them to Philly is a no brainer.

    Is Wentz worth the 20th pick in the draft? Probably not, all things considered. But for the Bears (or Colts), it’s probably the cheapest way possible to get a starting QB with upside.

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