Eric Bieniemy likely to remain in Kansas City, but contract is expiring

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One of the NFL’s top offensive coordinators is about to become a free agent.

Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy’s contract expires after the Super Bowl, Adam Schefter of ESPN reports. That means he’d be free to shop himself to any team in the league if he wanted to go elsewhere.

It’s unlikely he wants to go elsewhere, however. What offensive coordinator wouldn’t want to coach Patrick Mahomes?

Bieniemy has been viewed as one of the top candidates to become a head coach for the last two years, and for two consecutive coaching cycles he’s been passed over. He has made clear he wants to be a head coach, but until he does get hired, he’s likely to remain in Kansas City.

19 responses to “Eric Bieniemy likely to remain in Kansas City, but contract is expiring

  1. Odd to say the least that he still hasn’t snagged a HC position. Maybe he doesn’t interview well? It’s not like he doesn’t get highly recommended by lots of people that know him well.

  2. Eric Bieniemy’s past must play a part in this with owners that are searching for a head coach and a leader of men for their team. Apparently not every owner is willing to tolerate what Andy Reid is as demonstrated by his assistant coach son’s off-field issues.

  3. Best explanation is that he’s been sabotaging his own interviews because he’s about to become head coach of the Chiefs. In fact, I won’t be surprised if Andy Reid retires tomorrow.

  4. Yet ACTUAL winners of the NFL Assistant Coach of the Year award winners Brian Daboll or Greg Roman didn’t a chance at a head coaching job.

    Why aren’t you trumpeting their names as a “top candidates” for the head coaching position? As you said, Bieniemy is lucky to have Mahomes to work with – Roman is stuck with Lamar Jackson and yet still able to produce a miracle with 1,000 points and 12,000 yards of offense in two years.

  5. Would it really be that surprising if the Chefs went a different direction next year? The OC position in KC is mostly just a title since Reid does everything an OC would. And with just how much Reid has been pushing teams to hire him, it really started to sound like he wanted someone to take him off their hands without him having to pull the trigger. And it’s not unheard of, the Bears let Ron Rivera walk after he was the DC that led them to a Super Bowl and a similar position of him being unable to get an HC job it seemed like he deserved.

    And frankly it might be best for Bieniemy and his desires to be a head coach for him to go somewhere else where he can be the true OC, and show that he deserves the credit.

  6. Just putting this out into the ether… If KC wins this evening, Coach Stache hangs it up and EB becomes HC.

  7. Ther thing is that he runs someone else’s system for them. He is a play caller for Reid. Houston hired someone with zero head coaching experience. EB is not a high caliber person. Barely a coordinator.

  8. It’s time to start wondering what Bieniemy does in those coaching interviews. He doesn’t get many 2nd interviews, meaning something he’s saying isn’t landing with NFL front offices. Maybe it’s his personality, maybe it’s his vision for the future, but what I know is he’s the media’s favorite coaching candidate and definitely not liked by NFL executives for some reason.

  9. After hearing him speak in an interview this week, I didn’t come away with the opinion that he was a leader of men. Unlike the first time I heard the Giants HC speak, I thought he would be successful.

  10. People can try to blame the NFL and owners all they want but it’s obvious that Bieniemy didn’t interview for HC jobs well!

  11. Bienemy and mahomes is identical to Caldwell and Manning. Caldwell was a joke after Manning and bienemy will be a joke when he leaves mahomes

  12. As much as the press wants everything to be about race, it simply isn’t. Billionaire owners didn’t get there by being stupid. If a owner thought that he’d bring them a ring he’d be hired, plain and simple. Look up the definition of “systemic ” and you’ll be forced to admit that it doesn’t exist in America.

  13. It’d be kind of hilarious if after all of this hype, the Chiefs opted to kick Bieniemy to the curb and let Mike Kafka become the new offensive coordinator. In the end, nothing would change as Reid would still be calling the plays, he just moves from one coach to another who wears a headset and tries to look very serious while relying on Reid for everything.

  14. Bieniemy has been viewed as one of the top candidates to become a head coach for the last two years

    ONLY by the media, real football fans know he hasn’t paid his due’s yet and there are better options like Pete Carmichael who’s has the Saints offense flying high for over 12yrs, Bieniemy track record pales in comparision to Carmichael’s!

    BTW where’d you find the pic of Eric holding the playsheet? He doesn’t get to do that very often(maybe 3% of the time), so I bet you had to dig through a ton of pics to find that one!

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