Antoine Winfield interception keeps Bucs up 28-9

Super Bowl LV
Getty Images

The Chiefs got the ball down 19 points after Leonard Fournette‘s third-quarter touchdown run and they are still down 19 after the first turnover of the game.

Buccaneers safety Antoine Winfield picked off a pass that Patrick Mahomes threw down the field under duress on a third down after Fournette’s score. The ball was tipped into Winfield’s hands and the rookie secured it on the Chiefs’ 45-yard-line.

The interception came one play after Shaq Barrett sacked Mahomes and the Bucs pass rush has been a major factor in helping the team take a 28-9 lead on the Chiefs.

Should they turn this turnover in more points, we’ll be a lot closer to Tom Brady‘s seventh Super Bowl title.