Orlando Brown Jr. wants to play left tackle, which may mean leaving Baltimore

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Ravens offensive lineman Orlando Brown Jr. raised eyebrows last month when he tweeted, “I’m a LEFT tackle,” and as he continues to insist that’s the position he wants to play, it may mean asking the Ravens to trade him.

Brown said that to him, it’s personal: His father, the late Orlando “Zeus” Brown, who played in the NFL from 1993 to 2005, always wanted Orlando Jr. to be a left tackle. Brown thanked Ravens General Manager Eric DeCosta for bringing him to Baltimore but made clear that he doesn’t want to stay in a place where he’s playing right tackle.

It’s never been about the money,” Brown wrote on Twitter. “I’m so appreciative for this organization and all my teammates. I couldn’t thank DeCosta enough, he’s a incredible football mind and one the best men I know. I want to live out the dream my dad had for me.”

Realistically, it’s unlikely that the Ravens will move Brown to left tackle for the 2021 season because left tackle is where Ronnie Stanley plays, and the Ravens signed Stanley to a five-year, $98.75 million contract extension in October. Brown moved to the left side when Stanley was injured last season, but when both are healthy, the Ravens prefer Stanley on the left and Brown on the right.

Brown is heading into the final year of his rookie contract, and DeCosta says he’s interested in signing him to a contract extension. But with Brown saying it’s not about the money but about playing left tackle, the Ravens may need to either persuade Brown to keep playing on the right side, or trade him to a team that will play him where he wants to play.

19 responses to “Orlando Brown Jr. wants to play left tackle, which may mean leaving Baltimore

  1. It’s a nice sentiment to honor his father, but unfortunately for him, he’s under contract, and ultimately it should be about what is best for the team.

  2. Interesting that this comes up when there is discussion of a contract extension before his final year. No connection, though, because it is “not about the money.”

    Don’t left tackles generally make more money than right tackles?

  3. Come on Minnesota Vikings for once in the Zimmer era do something right and go after this guy-Lord knows you need him!!

  4. After the terrible combine Brown had the Ravens still took him, higher than most thought. And, after a couple games, he’s gone Diva! You’re welcome!

  5. Well he would be a left tackle on aroumd 28 teams, but the Ravens have the best left tackle in the NFL so its not happening there. Trade him or let him walk after this year for a 3rd round comp pick. Ravens are outstanding at drafting OL so I’m not worried about their ability to find a capable replacement. Kimda surprised by his diva attitude though considering the Ravens are his father’s team and the chance they took on him after one of the all time worst combine showings.

  6. Look how the dolphins ripped off the Texans in the Tunsil trade. If the Ravens can do the same then go for it.

  7. There’s no honor in being a company man. That would mean that the company does right by you forever, which it never does. Honoring his father is way more important than being a company man in the grand scheme of life

  8. This will work itself out. The Ravens will receive plenty of calls for both Brown and Stanley, but the vast majority will be for Brown. I’m sure many teams had Brown rated very highly after watching him play in college, but then passed him in the draft because of his showing at the annual underwear workouts at the combine. Not surprisingly, he’s played exactly how those teams had him rated prior to the combine. That’s why I don’t think the lack of a combine this year is going to hurt anything. I also wonder what position the Ravens would use if they applied the franchise tag to him. I’m sure his agent would fight for left tackle, and the team would want to pay him as a right tackle. If Brown insists on playing out his father’s dream for him, he’ll eventually make it over to the left side.

  9. Why are so many NFL players such the antithesis of a team player? A lot of these people 10-20x more money than doctors… who save lives. But they have to get upset because they aren’t being played in the way they want to be played. And forget the team… it needs to be on my terms, even if it screws my team up.

  10. Love you Orlando. People are trying to twist this. Good for you being honest. The Ravens know what kind of team guy you are, so no worries there. Be true to yourself.

    If the Ravens can find a willing trade partner that offers more than a 3rd round pick, I’m sure Eric will be willing to accommodate him. If not, I’m sure they will make you a fair offer when your contract is up to play right tackle OR take the 3rd round compensatory.

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