Patrick Mahomes: Obviously I didn’t play like I wanted to play

Super Bowl LV
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Patrick Mahomes led his team back from deficits of 24, 10 and 10 in the three postseason games a year ago. So he was convinced, even down 31-9 late, that the Chiefs were going to rally back to win Super Bowl LV.

Mahomes, though, didn’t have Deshaun Watson, Ryan Tannehill or Jimmy Garoppolo on the other side this time.

“Probably when I threw the interception at the very end of the game, you knew it was pretty much over then since we had no timeouts,” Mahomes said. “We battled to the very end. That’s one thing you can say. We played not very good football today. But we battled, and you have to respect the guys for their toughness doing that.”

Mahomes lost his second career postseason game, both to Tom Brady.

Brady was the better quarterback Sunday, winning MVP honors.

Mahomes went 26-of-49 for 270 yards and two interceptions. It was the first time he didn’t throw a touchdown in a game since Sept. 29, 2019, against the Lions, a 34-30 victory.

He took three sacks and eight quarterback hits and had to run for his life behind a patchwork offensive line.

“Obviously, I didn’t play like I wanted to play,” Mahomes said. “What else can you say? All you can do is leave everything you have on the field, and I felt like the guys did that. They were the better team today. They beat us pretty good, the worst I think I’ve been beaten in a long time, but I’m proud of the guys and how they fought to the very end of the game.”

Mahomes vows to rebound from the disappointment he’s feeling tonight.

“My dad lost in the World Series in his career,” Mahomes said. “He continued to battle and continued to be who he was. Obviously it hurts right now. It hurts a lot. But we’re going to continue to get better. We have a young group of guys that have had a lot of success and have learned from that. We’ve had a few failures, and we have to learn from that. We can’t let this define us. We have to continue to get better, going into next year and being even better and preparing ourselves to hopefully be in this game again.”

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  1. That kid has nothing to apologize for. Never stopped battling. I have immense respect for Mahomes and that respect grew during this game. Never any shame in being beaten by the GOAT.

  2. Mahomes played out of his mind, some of those incompletes were still dead accurate. He has nothing to be ashamed of, but the rest of his offense except Kelce and all of his defense definitely should be hanging their heads right now.

  3. Time is on your side. You will only get better. Brady fell many times but bounced higher. Look up to Brady. He’s not a gifted and freaky athlete physically. It’s the heart and the will, both of you have those. Just heal all your hurts and come back stronger.

  4. He played unbelievable but the Bucs D shut out Kelce and Hill and because of that Mecole Hardman and the likes became irrevelant

  5. 3 afc championships, won 2 of them, 2 Super Bowls, won one of them. All in 3 years… I think think he’ll be alright. Chiefs still have everyone next year, hopefully they’ll get healthy and get back there.

  6. Patrick Mahomes has it in him to be one of the all time greats.

    Not Tom Brady great, because that’s not likely to happen in any of our lifetimes, but great nonetheless.

  7. Honestly with a toe Injury it would have been nice to see him step up in front of that ferocious edge rush and find some room in the pocket. No idea why he kept running the spin move and drop back 20 yards play. Damn though that man almost made magic on some of those plays, his throws amaze me and he played his guts out til the end. It just wasn’t their night

  8. Mahomes is so talented… I’ve never seen anyone do a better Jim Everett impersonation.

    52.3 rating. 2 INTs. Money

  9. I don’t like Mahomes but anyone denying what he accomplished today is either blind or bitter. He earned respect with how he played while hurt while being beaten to death. He showed a lot of heart and out of anyone on that team he has the least to apologize for. To the untrained eye the only offensive players who rose to the challenge with him were Edwards Helaire and Pringle. These losses are necessary to make the wins more sweet. There’s always next year.

  10. Class act. Several others on the team can learn a lot from him. Lookin at you Honey Badger.

  11. Games are still won and lost in the trenches no matter how talented the QB or his skill players. The Chiefs lost in the trenches.

  12. Mahomes got to experience what many of the other quarterbacks in the NFL have to deal with on a regular basis. While Mahomes is definitely very talented, it’s a lot easier to put up amazing numbers when you have lots of time to throw and your receivers are wide open. I’m not sure if Mahomes would be a Pro Bowler if he played in an offense with average talent.

  13. If they even win the godawful AFC West agin I’ll be amazed. The dynasty was over as quickly as it started.

  14. “Brady was the better quarterback…” Yes, Brady is a great quarterback. Give him the line Mahomes played behind today with the Bucs D in his face and he is an injured quarterback.

  15. I thought Mahomes was hurting in the foot. He took off a few times and I thought wow here we go he can do this all day and move the ball but he stopped running, and then ran for his life. I think he was favoring his foot.
    All I know is KC has a lot of weapons and they arent going away any time soon. Most teams would love to have all that speed.

  16. Mahomes played well. He threw some amazing passes while in the grasp. The offensive line was struggling, and the receivers dropped at least two TDs. I think one bounced off of a guys helmet.

  17. Bieniemy’s inability to mix coverage or shorten routes to give Mahomes better protection really doesn’t help his case as a future head coach.
    This should have been a closer game going into half. Stupid use of timeouts made it tougher, but the lack of second half adjustments in terms of how they were attacking the Bucs defence was kind of surprising. Would have expected fewer deep throws, and more quick hitters to the TEs and RBs. Or screens and roll outs, anything to slow down the pass rush and punish Tampa for keeping their safeties deep so often.
    But, nope…

  18. This is humbling for him, but something tells me he’ll be back. Of course it was ridiculous to listen to everyone project if and when he’ll surpass Tom Brady’s career accomplishments because the odds on that are infinitesimally low.

    It’s hard to win Super Bowls. It’s hard to have longevity. He has a window of a few years here as the Chiefs are currently constituted. After that, it’s anyone’s guess.

  19. Even his incompletion throws were incredible. He will be fine. There’sno shame in losing to a team like the Bucs that is more complete in offense and defense. Mahomes has a brilliant long career ahead of him. I do hope he runs less in the future to reduce possible injury and improves his reading of defense and getting rid of the ball quicker. He will be fine, no doubt.

  20. What happened to the great Eric Bieniemy, everyone’s favorite coaching candidate? His game plan was awful and he made no adjustments. When Tom Brady is up 2 scores, it’s time to kick things into gear immediately and go no-huddle. The offense showed no urgency until the 4th quarter, when it was too late. All Tampa did was take away Tyreek Hill , which limited the big plays. The Cheifs had no next move. That’s on Bieniemy and Reid.

  21. Mahomes will possibly equal Bradshaw and Montana in SB victories, though now he does have a loss on his resume. In other words, he’ll be an all-time great. But it was clear tonight: there will be no one like Brady.

  22. Told you that 2nd loss was coming in the playoffs. Worst 15-1 team in history of sports.🤣

  23. Mahomes is a great quarterback but his career will end up resembling Rodgers’ more than Brady’s. Great stats but just a couple of rings.

  24. justtherealfacts2 says:
    February 7, 2021 at 11:34 pm
    He was awful, what a terrible performance with the world watching. Total clunker!

    Seriously? Clunker???? This kid threw passes from everywhere except standing on his head. HE made this game exciting and cannot be blamed for dropped passes and interceptions on “tipped” passes. He didn’t win but he never gave up. The Bucs’ defense was the difference maker on Sunday.

  25. Whole season long he’s been making up for lazy playcalling and bad personell decisions. Watkins, Robinson, Hardman, Clark shoud be cut right off the plain. Complacency is what got to them. Guy is playing with only Klece and Hill and no OL. That is not on him.

  26. Every eagles fan should take note. Mahomes – best in the league unstoppable. Loses his two starting tackles and he is nothing. Imagine this x 16 games and you have Carson Wentz in 2020. O line is arguably more important than QB. Andy Reid won playoff games with Koy Detmer and AJ Feely because he had two tackles (Runyan and Thomas) never miss a game for ten years!!! But yeah ….. trade Wentz. I guess trade Mahomes too right?

  27. Chiefs OL was holding on Literally every pass play but the Bucs were still getting through. Much respect to those guys and Bowles for a great gameplan that exploited the depleted OL and took Hill and Kelce (mostly) out of the equation.

  28. Mahomes did what he could. The Chiefs had a good number of key dropped passes, for one thing. By the time KC had to abandon the run the Bucs D had worn down the O-line and it was all over.

    People will either gloss it over or not remember, but this game was really a testament to how important the offensive line is to a successful team.

  29. Mahomes is a great player

    But I wonder whether the league will figure out how to play him & the Chiefs from now on. While they won most of their games this year, the margin of victory was pretty slim.

  30. Mahomes wasn’t very good, but the player who really seemed out of sorts was Kelce. Don’t know if he was hurt or just not feeling well, but his expressions and body language seemed listless and out of it the whole game.

  31. Mahomes is still the 1st player I’d want on my team, if I was a GM. Remmers was horrific last night. And Suh was back to his filthy play, trying to punch Mahomes in the head?

  32. He’ll never be as good as Joe Montana, who went undefeated in Super Bowls, according to many folks who post on these boards. I think they are wrong, and Mahomes will someday be vying for most SB wins. And I think the guy is the most fun QB to watch in football.

  33. Tampa’s D line simply overpowered KC’s O line! Mahomes ran for his life all night long. Even Brady would look pedestrian in that situation, most likely worse!

  34. Tampa Bay was the easy bet as soon as Eric Fisher got hurt in the AFC Championship Game. Pass rush= victory

  35. I remember when Favre won it all back in the 96′ season, they returned in 97′ only to lose to the Broncos. I wasn’t worried. I figured Favre would be back a couple more times and add some more superbowl rings to his resume. He never got back. Gotta make the most of those chances when you’re in the big game! Keep your head up Mahomes, and whatever you do, don’t end up like Favre! You’re leagues better than him.

  36. yep, no game plan adjustments at half. why the hell wasn’t read calling O plays? Was it that way all year? Pathetic! Screen/rollouts, wishbone, the duck something…anything to slow it down and make them make reads.

  37. crawfish2011 says:
    February 8, 2021 at 8:44 am
    The Chiefs banged up offensive line had a huge impact on the game.


    So did Brady going 20 for 26 and 3 TDs in the 1st half

  38. Maybe Andy Reid should have changed things up instead of counting on Mahommes to run for his life and make hero play after hero play. But if Reid were capable of that, he wouldn’t have gone 1-5 in NFC Championship games with the Eagles.

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